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    Unfortunately, this script doesn't work for me. Just like previous user reported, after running the script with device ID: 2A42, repaired the permission, reboot. Blue Screen and then Black screen, it looks like the graphics output is switched to external display. Don't have a monitor at hand so not able to test further. Same symptom in Safe Mode (-x) either, which is interesting as the modified kext files should not be loaded in Safe Mode. haven't got time to remove the 2A42 kext from extensions folder. Will try later. My configuration is: Dell Latitude E6400 with X4500HD, Device ID: 2A42. MAC OSX 10.5.7 iATKOS v7. Still, I want to thank you for this hard work and it really give me a big hope that X4500 will be supported eventually. thanks for your brilliant work. I will check the update of this post daily. Kudos! BTW: let me know if you need me to run any testing for the new releases.