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  1. Hello could you share where someone might go to get help with a freeze up problem Leo 10.5.2 used a linux disk to check the RAM no problems test for 3 hours Used Vista to check RAM no problems test for 1 hour I was attempting to find a chat room but couldn't figure it out. I'm a green newee .... I think the community rocks.
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    OSX86 Freezes when I Start to type

    Hello all in the community thanks for all your posts they are like little bread crumbs that helped me to get this far. ps ok some of the advice like a fine meal. My contribution a mere crumb but I hope it inspires other to give it a whirl, I also request some further assistance. I am new to this osx86 thing but I did make some progress installing one of these great experiments. Leopard 10.5.2 iATKOS 2.0i I used that -x -v -f cpus=1 thing to get it all going After everything is up and running the system will work fine for hours sometimes, minutes other times. the computer will just freeze up. Sometimes that little rainbow circle will spin sometimes as well. Please note this is far after welcome hello password login change background play movies ,listen to music yahoo chat and all.. i'm in the operating system i'm beyond the install phase.. The mouse acts very irratic and have to wait for any control over it. when I do get some scratchy control you can move the mouse but can't click on anything I have tried wireless logitec mouse, Microsoft optical mouse and the roller wheel MS mouse well that one just won't work with my install Hardware I am running Wester Digital 320Gig HD 3 partitions 160gig partition for the main OSX program and 2 68Gig Partitions Why you might ask. Well I had to install about 26 time before I got everything working as I mentioned above the community kept feeding me a bit here and there as I ran into challenges moving along Apple Keyboard wired that thin silver one Logitech wireless Laser mouse Model VX something P5N-E-SLI Motherboard Nvidia GeForce Asus branded 8600GTS vidieo yes DVI works and 1680X1050 (it did take some work to get this working, original install was only 1024X768) Nvidia Network onboard motherboard LAN disabled i'm using a realtek cheapy LAN card works great Realtek HD Audio also working great internal motherboard version All usb ports working the ones on the motherboard Power supply 550 to feed that video card yes video card plugged into powersupply 3 Gig of corsair RAM 800MHZ PS by the way I did the install with only 2 Gig installed strange it wouldn't finish the install with the 3 GIG in there It took about 11 of my install attempts to figure this one out... but the buggy freeze thing happens after words with 2 gig or 3 gig installed so i'm not thinking my particular freeze thing is NOT an amount of RAM installed thing.. I'm not sure if it's ok to post an email here so I'll read more into the community rules before I do that.. Hope someone out there can help me with this FREEZE UP ISSUE Thanks for any assistance and time you spend on my challenge good luck to all. Freezing System after all installed