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  1. [RETAIL GUIDE] ASUS M50SV Notebook

    I got it working now, and a cheap USB dongle gave me wireless. Good stuff!
  2. [RETAIL GUIDE] ASUS M50SV Notebook

    We probably won't get wireless for a long time, since the person making the drivers bricked his laptop. I tried installing iDeneb 10.5.4, but I'm getting the welcome loop. Help? D:
  3. DUDE. YOU'RE HERE TOO? (or are you another prinnybaal?) Let's join forces to get this 4965 to work. I have one too, but I quickly replaced Leopard with Ubuntu due to lack of hardware support. ]: But I have a spare drive now, so I can test again. Installing Leopard now. I'm your man, what are my orders? o;
  4. Asus m50sv with osx?

    Woop, I'm hopping in. I have an M50Sv as well and I'm trying to install OS X on it. I posted a thread about the DVD not booting, but it seems that a bootloader parameter will fix that. I'll try it out once I get home. I'll keep you guys updated, and any help would be appreciated, especially for the video driver. I hear the 9500M GS is essentially a die-shrunk 8600M GT, so perhaps we can use the same driver as that?
  5. Helps, I'm trying to install Leo on my new laptop but the install DVD doesn't boot. I've had experience installing and dual-booting Tiger on my old laptop, and even tried a Leo install once, so I do know how it works. Don't blast me for that. ;p However, the install DVD doesn't even boot properly on my new laptop. After passing -v at the Darwin bootloader, I see it loading all the kexts from the disc, then it pops into framebuffer mode, displays a bunch of messages but reboots in a flash. I haven't had time to see the messages. The laptop in question is an Asus M50Sv. Here are the specs: Core 2 Duo T9300 nVidia GeForce 9500M GS 512MB (the bootloader says VESA NVIDIA 14MB, problem?) 3GB RAM @ 667MHz 250GB SATA hard drive (both SATA and IDE emulation don't work) Old laptop's specs. This one worked just fine. Pentium M 1.6GHz (SSE2) ATI Radeon Mobility 9000 32MB 768MB RAM @ 266MHz 120GB IDE hard drive Any ideas as to why the disc wouldn't even boot? Oops, I guess I should mention that I'm using Kalyway 10.5.1.
  6. QE is impossible? Aw, darn, I was hoping to get it... Oh well, I guess I'll wait for my next laptop to hackintosh then.
  7. I see. Tiger it is then. I tried playing with AGPGart's and ATILead's values with your latest ATIRadeon8500 and I'm still getting a fuzzy screen. If you have anything for me to test in particular, please tell me. Also, this might be useful to you: I have 768MB of system RAM and 32MB of dedicated VRAM, and I can't share. That probably affects some of the values.
  8. I see. I'll test it once I get home. I'd also like to upgrade to Leo, would you think that's a good idea or a bad one? =P For testing purposes though, I'll stick to Tiger for now. I might jump to Leo once things work.
  9. New AGPGart

    What if you reboot twice after setting a value? Edit: Oh, I see. I guess I need to flush the cache from time to time, too...
  10. Slightly off-topic... I use JaS 10.4.7, should I use Software Update to update to 10.4.11 before testing?
  11. Okay, tested your new driver. Without AGPGart nor ATILead, it loads, and the bottom quarter of my screen goes fuzzy, then my computer reboots itself instantly. With ATILead, with or without AGPGart, it does the same fuzzy lines as I've shown.
  12. Thanks! I'm at work now, so I can't test it right away. I'll test it once I get home. May I ask, what did you patch, and how? I'm curious, and if this doesn't work, maybe I can do some patching of my own. Also, I test this with ATILead and AGPGart, right? With what settings?
  13. I've tried AGP_Base=0, 0xf0000000, 0xe0000000 before posting these pics. All had the same result, I'll post more test results as they come. Edit: I tried fiddling with ATILead's IOSpaceOffset a bit, but no difference. I don't see any other settings to play with. Do you have any suggestions for me?
  14. Fuzzy pics. Hope this helps?
  15. I see, we both have the same problem then... that of not knowing where to go! I tried adding some more values from the Mac's ioreg into ATILead's Info.plist, but I'm still getting a crazy fuzz like before.