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  1. I had near enough exactly the same problem but mine was due to trying to run different booloaders, EFI, chameleon and i messed things up. The fix came from inside the readme file that comes with the chameleon install package. The package has various bootloaders and the problem you are getting is because the bootloader does not match the type of setting for your HDD. My HDD is GUID but i wrongly configured my bootloader to MBR hence why i was getting virtually the same error as you, except where yours says boot0: GPT, mine said boot0: MBR. Anyway, to fix the problem i set mine to HFS and to do it i did the following. Due to having previously tried to install chameleon, the files you require are in /usr/standalone/i386. You then type at the command prompt in terminal noting that rdisk0s2 is the drive where you installed OSX. Everytime i kept messing up my bootloader and getting the same error as you, i just type in the above line and mine worked booted up everytime. My HDD is GUID, with standard mac format HFS, so i believe that boot1h is the bootloader for HFS. Try it and see what happens
  2. Hi, Like many of you i have tried the wireless drivers for Intel 2100/2200 mini pci cards and have had nothing but trouble with them. Plug, un-plug issues not seeing the adapter (have tried un-plug kexts), intermittent issues with using WPA & WPA2. I even tried a windows linksys wireless usb adapter which had the ralink chipset in it but that too suffered from intermittent WPA & WPA2 security issues. Now i am extremely happy because i just recently purchased a Pluscom WU-RT2571 wireless adapter and it works a treat. I have no problems with it working on my laptop. I have tried it with JaS 10.4.8, uphuck 10.4.9 and Jas 10.5.2 (has drivers for 10.3, 10.4 and 10.5 only). It automatically detects the usb adapter when OSX loads up, the ralink icon opens up automatically in the dock. I have had no security issues what so ever, works perfectly with WEP, WPA/WPA2 64,128, 256 bit security. The best feature was it's price UK sterling £9. I got it from this place www.swiftcomputershop.co.uk OK it's abit chunky in size compared to other usb adapters but it comes with an extender cable so you dont have to plug the adapter in directly to the laptop. I dont have a computer capable of running 10.6 so if anyone wishes to try, get hold of the usb adapter where you are and try it, as i've already stated, i can confirm that is does work for 10.4 and 10.5 osx versions. I've been using it for just over a week now and have had no issues with it what so ever, so i am no one happy osx user Rog
  3. ATIRadeon9700 Patch?

    Hi, I have an ATI 9600 Radeon mobility which uses the 9700 kext files. I have over the last few months tried various methods explained in here and they all result the same, no DVD video BUT have sound (with modified 9700GL kext) and no GL screensaver such as flurry. I have tried using AGPGart, versions 2.0 and below (any version higher just hangs my computer) and i get the same results. In system profiler it currently says PCI and i still get the same GL issues so it would show that having AGPGart installed makes no difference what so ever because the GL issues are the same whether is be PCI or AGP. Using the working kexts from tiger did not work either. Using ATIRadeon9700.kext just kept bringing up errors during boot and looking in system profiler said no kext loaded. I tired using just the 9700GL kext from tiger and still did not work. No GL would work. I have tried using the kext from 9a321 and they did not work either, same issues as above. The only kext which has shown core image to be hardware accelerated is the modified 9700kext. This is taking the GL driver from inside ATIx1000GL kext, renaming it ATIRadeon9700GL then replacing it with the one in the 9700GL kext. This method is explained in detail in another post in the forum. Using this modified kext allowed me to hear a DVD but not display any video. I've now updated to using 10.5.6 because 10.5.6 reports as having GL issues resolved for ATI cards but that has not worked either. I still have the same issues, sound but no video. Looks like the only way to resolve the GL issues with 9600/9700 cards is to write a new set of kexts for 10.5
  4. Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter (model WUSB54G (EU/LA/UK)) Have just installed the two files as outlined in the OP's first post. I read ALL the pages in this thread which contains all the information i needed to get it connected and the usb re-plug feature to work. The two attached pictures show the system profile of the wireless adapter and the wireless usb network application showing that i am currently using WPA2 security. The OS i'm using is OSX 10.4.11 grab1.tiff grab2.tiff Update: Further use has revealed that the re-plug does not actually work and the WPA2 security feature is very unreliable. It takes approximately 4 logon tries before it connects properly to the router.
  5. ATI Framebuffer development

    Slice, if you see this post can you help me please. I am having a go at programming radeonfb-updated for use with my laptop. I'm using Xcode 3.1.2 for OSX 10.5.5 and the KernelDebugKit. When i compile the source, i get a kernel panic. Using the DebugKit i've been able to trace the KP to radeonfb_pci_register(IOService * provider). According to what i have found during the debug the value 0x48 is supposed to be added to the register but it is not, all it is getting is 0x00 or sometimes 0x0c. This is my first try at programming with C, i used to be a Visual Basic programmer. Can you just give me some help explaining what radeon_pci_register is and what i should be looking for in the source. Any help be greatly appreciated. Rog
  6. 'BUMP' Could anybody out there help me resolve 'about this mac' issue for 10.5.2? Every-time i click on it, it acts like a screen refresh, everything disappears then comes back again. I've tried searching the forum but all the help i can find is for Tiger (10.4). I can not find anything to help me with 10.5.x Please help me. Many thanks Rog EDIT: I've fixed it. Did a search on the net and came across a site which said how to fix it. The fault is with AppleSMBIOS.kext. I have now installed version 1.0.1 and 'about this mac' now works for 10.5.x
  7. I'm thinking that when your machine begins to boot, it detects a hardware to software clash and causes what is known as a 'kernel panic'. In your case this kernel panic is causing your computer to reboot. As has already been mentioned, you need to investigate the computer hardware in your computer, type of CPU, motherboard description, hard drive types, DVD drives, sound card, network card type. These all make a huge significance in what options you chose from the install package. Your choosing the wrong one and when your computer tries to communicate with the hardware, it crashes and causes a reboot.
  8. To get it back to a 'nearly usable' system you need to copy some files off your MAC OSX disc and transfer them onto your OSX partition because the update has overwritten important files that were installed from your OSX 10.5.4 CD. It's a long winded process but it has worked for me when i did something similar. Firstly you need to boot from your OSX cd then when the menu bar appears select 'utilities' then 'Terminal'. In terminal type the following /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / cd / rm -R /Volumes/<hard disk name>/system/library/extensions/system.kext rm -R /Volumes/<hard disk name>/mach_kernel cp -R mach_kernel /Volumes/<hard disk name>/system/library/extensions/ cd System/Library/Extensions/ cp -R System.kext /Volumes/<hard disk name>/system/library/extensions/ You can now quit Terminal application then on the menu bar select to quit the installer, your machine should now reboot. Press F8 to get to the mac bootloader then type -v. Hopefully if all goes well you should at least be able to partly boot your machine. The mach_kernel and system.kext from the CD are matching pairs, they work off each other. terminal.tiff
  9. New AGPGart

    Your wrong Slice, i have done some further checking on the forum and there ARE files that are i386 compatible and i am currently using them. Check out some of the recent posts i have made and you will see. I attach a screen shot of my screen so you can see. Versions after 10.5 ATIRadeon9700GLDriver was ppc only but what has been suggested by some members is either A)get hold of beta version or B.) modify the 9700 driver with that of the X1000 one because that is i386 compatible. That is what i have done, i took the X1000GLDriver executable from the kext, renamed it ATIRadeon9700GLDriver and swapped it with the one in the 9700GLDriver kext. OK it's not perfect but i have QE and CI. Rog 10.5.5_with_QE___CI.tiff

    I have an ATI Radeon Mobility AGP 9600/9700 graphics chip in my laptop and therefore tried breteso's method and achieved the same results. I get QE & CI but with the same video faults as described. The files i used are slightly different because i have been trying out a few different combinations. At the moment, the files are as follows: ATIRadeon9700.kext - I believe it is from a 10.4.x build because it's version is (get this from the Acer X700 bundle) ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin - taken from 10.5.2 build (modified so framebuffer says CallistoFB) ATIRadeon9700VADriver.bundle - taken from beta build 10.5, ver ATIRadeon9700DVDDriver.bundle - taken from beta build 10.5 ver ATIRadeon9700GLDriver.bundle - patched version from 10.5.2 ver Callisto.kext - version taken from Acer X700 bundle CallistoHAL.kext - version taken from Acer X700 bundle AGPGart - Ver 1.0 taken from 10.4.8 build (tried other versions but they just cause my system to hang) The 10.5 beta files can be found HERE (look for post #281) I followed the instructions on how to patch the 9700GLDriver from this thread so others should be able to do the same. attached is a screenshot of my profiler. Things not working are DVD (no picture but can hear sound), Screensaver (non of them work), Video files Divx, AVI, Mpeg, all black screen. On the plus side my system does appear to run alot faster than it did without QE & CI. I'm happy to put up with these small problems at the moment. 10.5.5_with_QE___CI.tiff
  11. It sounds like that when your booting off the CD it starts to run some of the system files and one of these files doesnt like the hardware it's detecting and rebooting. There are different builds out there, maybe Kalyway doesnt work with your other system. Kalyway wouldnt work on my laptop but jaS would.
  12. 10.5.5 iPC Panic.

    If one does'nt work then try installing both. mach_kernel and system.kext have to match each other, a matched pair so to speak. It got me pass the kernel panic that your getting cuz like i said, i had the same thing and re-installing the two files got me to a stage where i could boot the system using -s from the bootloader.
  13. It should work for any of the different builds of 10.5.2. The 'waiting for root device' is normally caused by the build you have not detecting your IDE or SATA. My system is a laptop. If yours is a desktop then you need to do some searching in the forum for an answer to your problem. Just out of interest though, i had tried Kalyway 10.5.2 on my laptop and it didnt work. I kept getting the 'waiting for root device' error. I tried jaS version of 10.5.2 and it worked fine.
  14. New AGPGart

    Hi Slice, can you help me with my setup. Am trying ver 2.7.1 but it just hangs. I've looked through many of the messages here and can not see where i am going wrong. I'm sure it's some memory setting i have wrong? At the moment the only version that will work is ver 1. I've tried versions 2.4 and above and all of them cause my system to hang. I cannot find 2.1 and 2.2 to try. Any help be appreciated. many thanks Rog ioreg12345.txt
  15. 10.5.5 iPC Panic.

    I had something similar when i was using 10.5.2. To cure it i re-installed mach_kernel.kext and system.kext (had them backed up on my system). Try re-installing mach_kernel.kext first. You can get this off your install CD.