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  1. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Same effect here (Lenovo T61 - GMA965 - X3100) - i d love to use the native 1680 res. any solution around? tom
  2. instructions would be nice to have a try
  3. Hi, i ve a Dell D505 (855 chipset) - running 10.4.7 (jas update) - my system profiler reports no loaded kext file. Do i have to adapt some files? thx
  4. hey, i d like to add 10$ to your coding pot :-)
  5. any news on 1.4.5 compatibility :-)
  6. same here with AppleIntel915.kext and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext - IOGraphicsFamily.kext seems to be vaild (and already loaded)
  7. hi vas :-) tried it step by step and no kext shows up in the system profiler - cant change the refresh rate too (but this could be because of my lcd display) same missing dependencies message like you with all 3 kext files ... :-(
  8. Hi vas but where are the vesa drivers loaded ? QE would be nice to have - but more important is 1400x1050 for me as its the native resolution of my laptop
  9. hi, i ve tried several things yesterday - but they dont work. only 915 kext is loaded if i try to kextload it manually. Systemprofiler shows no kext loaded and 128 MB Videomemory (i can set it to 1 or 8 MB - Bios) Vesa at startup reports 7 MB but anyway - thanks for your work an feel free to contact me if i can help
  10. could this help http://perso.wanadoo.fr/apoirier/
  11. hi Karthik i get 1280x1024 just with vesa
  12. here too - kext dont load changed info.plist IOPCIMatch string to 0x35828086 system shows 128 MB Vram - no kext files loaded. tried kextload - but no changes
  13. just copy these file to your system/library/extensions folder remove /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache and /System/Library/Extensions.mkext do a repair permissions! reboot :-)