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  1. Asus Laptop Owners

    I've installed Kaly 10.5.1 on my Asus G1, and it works almost perfectly. The wireless doesn't work (will it ever work??) and I think that's all. But unfortunaly the 10.5.2 update is not so good. I mean the 10.5.2 update works and all, but the updated kernells kill my installation, no matter what I choose. The go 7700 512MB works perfectly with the latest NVinject. All is fine, and fast, except for the wireless and the updated kernell for 10.5.2.. Does anyone knows of a safe way to update it and not kill my installation and the dual boot system with Vista? Thanks
  2. kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate on "The Bay"

    Greetings. Does anyone knows if kaly or someone else will be launching a new version for us with asus boards that cannot apply either of the kernel updates to 10.5.2? thanks
  3. Web Cams

    Is there any driver that supports the Asus G1 Webcam? I think its a D-Max CL Camera (i think its from Syntek) I've tried macam 0.9.1 but it doesn't work... Thanks
  4. Zydas is working on an x86 wireless driver

    Hello. Does this drivers works with the intel3945 on leopard 10.5.1/10.5.2? thanks
  5. kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate on "The Bay"

    I've instaled following the instructions from kaly. installed the vanilla kernel, and the bootloader is mbr. Is the problem from the mobo that is asus and not intel? When installing the updated kernel i've chosen both kernels and none of them works... Maybe I do have to wait for that new version from kaly. In the mean time is there any way to fix the wait time leopard takes to load up when installing only the combo update? It takes forever to boot. I could make children will I wait thanks for the help
  6. kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate on "The Bay"

    Hi all. I'm new at this hackintosh stuff and recently installed kaly 10.5.1 and everything worked with no hiccups. Tried to upgrade to 10.5.2, but it never works. Hi always get e kernell panic no matter what I try. I have an Asus G1 sadly I cannot make 10.5.2 work. The kaly 10.5.2 combo update works and the graphics update also, but the kernel update makes a mess of my leopard and I get a kernel panic and cannot enter into the desktop. Can someone help me or guide me in the right direction. I've installed the OS so many times this last days that I'm getting tired of this and thinking of giving up until Kaly comes up with a full 10.5.2 DVD installer. thanks P.S.- Sorry if my english is bad. I'm from Portugal.