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  1. It plugs in from the bottom of the case
  2. Thanks everybody, my next Mac mod will be starting sometime soon over at Overclock.net once the summer is all wrapped up. Make me an offer, and I'll let you know if that works for me I didn't use the original pinout from the front panel switch as the G4 used a common ground unlike ATX boards so I simply soldered the wires that attach to the motherboard directly to the old switch terminals making sure to sever the old circuits to avoid any shorts. The plastic latch was cut using a Rotozip cutting tool, makes a lot of chips going through plastic but it fairly easy to work with even when cutting brittle material.
  3. Thanks everyone, I have some good news... It's done!!!! And here is the final result of my first case mod and three months worth of hard work: I will take some real photos sometime by the weekend and post them, thanks for looking
  4. Painting was one of the hardest parts of this project, just take your time when doing it and you will be rewarded. Glad i could inspire you, my next Mac Mod will be a Quicksilver too. Mine is still in near mint condition so I will leave it looking stock for the most part. As for my project: The 5770's have finally arrived so I can get back to work on this, all I am missing now are two 24" SATA cables to reach the RAID array up in the top of the case. And yes, the cooler on these cards looks a lot like the 1989 Batmobile. And they actually fit! And with enough parts to keep moving ahead I have started wiring the case: Had to cut the top LED strip down by a centimeter to fit properly: And Back panel wiring has started too:
  5. Thanks That's not an issue as this machine will be running Windows 7 64 bit, I am building it up to be my gaming computer. There will be two 5770's in a CrossFireX configuration, CrossFireX will likely never be supported under Mac OS X. I have a GeForce 9800GT in my other machine that acts as my Hackintosh. I would have loved to have used this case for my Hackintosh build but it uses a full ATX board with just one PCIEx16 slot.
  6. More work has been done Latch plate and u-channel for all holes completed: Bottom intake fan mounted: A 120x12mm Scythe fan that will be mounted between the metal and plastic parts of the case providing the 5770's some fresh air: And Mounted: Next the PSU Was mounted: And now it is the motherboards turn: Fiber and rubber washers cushion all motherboard mounts: When closed everything fits...just barely. I have less than a millimeter between the ram lever and the edge of the bottom SATA drive. And next... I turned it on And with the lights out: More to come tomorrow.
  7. I got a little more work done than I thought I could: I will start with something boring first: The diffusion panel got put in next: Tadaaaa! And the IO shield is done, much better looking now: Next up....body panels start along with drives and exhaust fans, I will let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the post: X 100!
  8. Thanks, the panels look even better now that they are complete. I'll post those tomorrow as I have to get back to work and family stuff with the rest of my day. And today's big news: Assembly has begun!!! All fans and drives are insulated from the case with rubber washers to help keep this machine nice and quiet. Front Panel USB 2.0 and E-SATA connections installed, with red hardware. And yes that fan is missing a side on purpose in order for the PSU to clear it when the door is opened or closed: And I got to work installing the Venomous X onto the motherboard: Venomous X box contents: Cleaning the CPU before getting started: On goes the back plate: Base nuts done up and ready for the rest of the cooler. These were a pain as there is not a lot of room for big hands to tighten these little things. The Venomous X is very nicely polished, much nicer base than the TRUE: Adding 70lbs of pressure with this little knob, making it ready for some overclocking And I even had time to paint a few more little parts: More to come soon
  9. And now for some work updates: The rear IO panel shield is now complete: I made a diffusion box to soften the light for the power and HD status LEDs (please disregard the cat hair on there): And all of the new rack components have been painted, the dark items are fan mounts and IO plate holders, they have 2 coats on them:
  10. They will now be referred to as Batman and Robin
  11. This thing is officially a little monster. I found a pair (Crossfire config ) of Gigabyte Ultra Durable 5770's for cheap and pulled the trigger. I have always had great luck with Gigabyte's components plus the warranty is 3 years and I know that the service if ever needed is pretty fast. Yes, it's the model with the Batmobile cooler cover
  12. Thanks, like somebody used to say "Think Different" Thanks man. I'm a developer who often gets to test a lot of software, I also dabble in multimedia, some stock photography and thanks to a few friends at work I'm also an aspiring writer (starting to try my hand at some tech writing). Work has had me on the road a fair amount lately so it has cut into my "project time", but I hope to have everything together before next weekend. Once it had dried fully its not going to come off without a lot of wear and tear, Fusion is much more durable than run of the mill spray paint.
  13. Looks pretty good, and nice to see that you reused the door latch. Most people ditch it or give up on it that I have seen. I am sure to hear that once or twice, but knowing my coworkers they will grill me at to what model it is. A friend of mine had a look at it and is now referring to it as "The Imperial Storm Trooper Mac". It will still look stock from all sides except the back. Thanks MarioMac, the paint I used is made especially for painting plastics. It is Krylon brand and the variety is called Fusion. No problem, I have lots of ideas hopefully worth sharing and I'm happy to get a little input back I managed to get the new HD rack completed, now to get it painted and put into the case and really start getting this project closer to completion. The 120mm fan and HD rack will mount to the top of the inside of the case, and no that is not the fan or drives that will be used (just shop parts for comparisons sake): And on its own:
  14. Progress has been made! I have come up with a new fastening method for the PSU that will be a lot more flexible and will actually let the case close easily. I did murder the old HD-PSU rack though, don't worry it's better this way Chop Chop Getting smaller Now for a fitting test And with a PSU in place And voila, it closes The rack will be getting sanded down and given a fresh red paint job, so it will still look good once finished. I know someone is going to ask "how does the PSU attach to the rack now?", so I'll get to it. The PSU will attach to the rack via two straps and the miracle of industrial strength Velcro, it's adjustable, sound damping, and tool free all while being more than strong enough for holding a PSU in place. After a little research I realized that the Cooler Master 212 actually needs just as much room as any LGA1156 cooler with a backplate, that includes the Venomous X that is expected to arrive by the end of the week. So I decided to mod the doors latch panel to accommodate: Chop Chop, with the CM 212 backplate for reference Testing on the actual case to make sure everything is happy And now for a little something red And now all I need is a Venomous X to show up to get this thing mounted and benchmarked
  15. Thanks, glad you like the color choices. I am a fan of the stock Apple look myself but this case had a lot of scuffs and scratches all over, so I made the tough choice to sand out the damage and then paint over the panels. I have a Quicksilver that is in mint condition that will be left as is if it gets to become a hackintosh some day. No need to worry as I don't put cathodes in any of my machines, as they are power hungry and can cause PSU failures. There will be a small amount of tasteful case lighting done using red and white LEDs, the goal is to subtly accent the case and components with a little light while not showing the actual light sources. When the case is closed there will be a very slight red glow coming from the underside of the case, and a little from the back of the case via the clear IO panel cover.