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  1. Hey guys. I still have the problem with my audio interface (audio drops now and then, but after a certain time it gets more stable). I also noticed that my headphone jack isn't working at all. Currently using VoodooHDA because appleALC298, the patches in config.plist,... don't get my audio to work at all. Someone else who has this issue? Someone who could help me with this again?
  2. I'm also using it primarily as an audio workstation. I have the m-audio mtrack 2x2, but I'm sure the problem isn't the interface but our hackintosh configuration. This is also my first time installing osx on this laptop and I went for Sierra instead of El capitan. So I don't know how that would work out. Tomorrow I will do some more testing for how long the audio disappears, how I fix it etc..And then I'll let you know.
  3. So far I've only had audio problems with my audio interface, but I did notice that after changing the output a few times the sound becomes more stable. For me this is the last thing that really should ben fixed to get my system how I want it.
  4. Okay let me look at that after a few more questions. The audio should work with CodecCommander & aDummyHDA + SSDT-ALC298 that you provided? In config.plist, do I have to delete AppleHDA1 to AppleHDA7 when using VoodooHDA? Would it make a difference? I forgot to do this.
  5. Yes and I'm using the files provided in post 1 Just noticed that the interface doesn't connect at all over USB C
  6. You mean using CodecCommander.kext & aDummyHDA.kext? When I used those I had no output device at all. Also didn't test with my interface since I wasn't at home.
  7. USB port works with other devices. I also noticed that there's an HDMI output available, but there's no HDMI cable connected. Anyways, I opened IORegistry when audio was working and "saved as" a file. Restarted IORegistry and did the same when the audio was not working. Is this the correct way to do it? When uploading these files as an attachment I get an error that I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file.
  8. Someone who has an idea why my audio isn't working? My speakers and headphone jack work, but when I connect my audio interface (via USB2) the sound disappears most of the time at random moments. I have VoodooHDA installed and I'm still using the USBInjectAll.kext. Without USBInjectAll my OS doesn't find my audio interface. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Managed to get HDMI working. >Found my board ID >Searched it in /S/E/AppleGraphicsControl.kext/contents/plugin/AppleGraphicePolicy.kext/contents/info.plist >The line under my Board id I changed "Config2" to "none" Rebuilded kextcache & rebooten. Shoutout tot Goodwin
  10. LanyP

    Dell XPS 9550 detailled 10.11 Guide

    Where should I put the HDMI fix?
  11. HDMI & audio don't work. But thank you so much fot this post I got a lot further now.
  12. Where can I find the AppleALC kext? And is it more stable than voodooHDA?
  13. LanyP

    Dell XPS 9550 detailled 10.11 Guide

    I can't see the attached file to this post. Am I this blind? o.O