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  1. Hi Everyone, My Hackintosh has been working fine for the last two years, but now I have to upgrade the system from 10.5.2 to 10.5.8. My installation uses just four additional kexts dsmos, AppleSMBIOS, AppleACPIPPlatform and AppleHDA, as well as EFI strings to enable sound and nvidia 7900gs graphics. Now, is it enough to backup the kexts as well as com.apple.boot.plist and then restore it after the upgrade? What about the DSDT issue? Bear in mind, I did not follow hackintosh development for the last 30 months. Thank you in advance. P.S. This questions was probably asked/answered already, but I the last two days I had a hard time finding a definitive answer on this forum.
  2. Leopard Perfect Install

    @Betzalel I have a setup very similar to one Stravaganza has, with exception of a slower processor, namely I have E2160. My overall Xbench result is 124. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks, Stravaganza, for your patient approach to all my questions!!!
  3. Hi Agrafuese! With EFI string, is your sleep/wake, reboot and shutdown working properly?
  4. Leopard Perfect Install

    As usual, a very useful answer, thank you, Stravaganza! Do I need one more kext for the on-board IDE controller? The key reason I do not want to buy a graphics card is that at the moment I do not want to study the topic of graphics cards themselves and on the top of it, I do not want to investigate the question of compatibilty with Leopard. However, if you thought about it, maybe you know a good candidate(s) within the range of 120 USD? I would prefer to buy a new card and it seems, that for example, it is not that easy here to find a new 7900gs, however there are new 7300gt, 7600gs as well as 8600gt. Which one, not necessarily from the list, seems to be the least problematic from the point of view of performance and compatibility? My keyboard and mouse are wireless USB (Logitech). I do not understand what I have to do in such a case. What should I do with the original kext if I do not want to replace it? Btw, if the wireless seems to be problematic, I have also an original Apple PowerMac G4 wired keyboard and a generic USB mouse.
  5. Leopard Perfect Install

    Thank you, Stravaganza! This is exactly what I was hoping for, that is a clearly written list of kexts needed for GA-945GCMX-S2. What is the best source of the above mentioned kexts? Btw. is it the kext for Intel GMA 950 which introduces the blinking effect you mentioned in your earlier post? How irritating this blinking is? I am asking for you personal judgement. Is it correct to say that sleep/reboot/shutdown depend on graphics card? If so, what is the situation with GMA 950 chipset? I can do it from a certain Intel iMac I have access to. And alternatively, as you said, ... Is it important to run EFI startupfiletool from Leopard or could it be equally well done from Tiger? They have this mobo in some shops, as well as on a local version of e-bay. The price of a new one is around 45 Euro (=approx. 60 USD) including VAT. There is also a similar board GA-945GCM-S2L but it has a sound card ALC662 instead of ALC888. Is it a good mobo for Hac or should it be avoided?
  6. Leopard Perfect Install

    @Stravaganza Thanks for your quick reply! It seems to be a very natural idea and I have seen at least one detailed implementation of this approach, but it is done for GA-P35-DS4 mobo. How should I modify this method in the context of GA-945GCMX-S2? Also this method requires an intel mac. What should I do if I have a PowerPc ibook?
  7. Leopard Perfect Install

    @ Stravaganza I have some questions related to the mobo GA-945GCMX-S2, because, yes, I would like to construct a Hackintosh and I am thinking seriously about a setup very similar to one which is in your signature. I am really sorry, probably answers are somewhere around in this forum but I was not able to locate them. 1. Is Brazilmac approach the optimal way for GA-945GCMX-S2 owners or it does not matter and for example Kalyway 10.5.1 will work equally well? 2. Are there any problems with on-board graphics card and Brazilmac installation? I mean specifically problems with artifacts. At the moment I do not want to invest money in an additional graphics card and I noticed that you are one the few people around who just uses the on-board graphics. 3. Do you know which PCI Firewire Controllers will work with this mobo and Brazilmac installation? Can I buy just the cheapest Firewire 400 card or the chipset matters? 4. I have a three-years old IDE DVD recorder NEC-3500a as well as 160gb IDE Barracuda drive. Can I use these as internal drives in my Hackintosh or it is more advisable to invest money into new drives? Btw. these drives are in Firewire enclosures and I use them currently with my iBook. Is it correct that the IDE drives in Firewire enclosures will work with the Hackintosh? Can I use Firewire DVD drive for Brazilmac installation? 5. Is there a version of Tiger which is most suitable for GA-945GCMX-S2? Is there any reason to use Tiger instead of Leopard with this Hackintosh? I am asking this question because currently I am using Tiger with my iBook and actually I am quite happy with this OS. If Tiger is more stable than Leopard, than probably I would prefer to stay with Tiger. Sorry for the long list of questions and many thanks for your patience!
  8. @ clv01, dci693 Thank you for your replies! According to your experience is it correct to say, that it is better to buy a basic and supported 100Mb ethernet card, instead of struggling with on-board ethernet? I refer to all Gigabytes models covered in this topic, that is models GA-P35-DS3x. ------------------------ If I am not mistaken, within this thread the topic of Firewire Controller is not covered. Actually, I can imagine having a Mac without Firewire port, but on the other hand all Apple computers I was using so far had Firewire and moreover, it seems to me that running Tiger without Firewire port cancels the possibility to connect another Mac in Target Mode and in particular use Migration Assistant. This mobo, that is GA-P35-DS3L, does not have Firewire. How do you deal with this problem? Any pci card will do or should I buy something special? @ clv01 I read your topic Fundamental Question about OSx86 and looks that you were troubled by similar doubts about OSx86. Did you find a reference to <people running "perfect" systems>? It would be nice to locate them.
  9. Very nice reader-friendly guide, thank you! Is it correct to say, concerning mobo ga-p35-ds3l, that regardless of the installation there are still problems with - sleep/shutdown/reboot - full functionality of the built-in ethernet card? I am about to order a new system, but probably as all other users here I do not want to buy a machine which constantly runs into problems. I have an iBook g4 1.33ghz and I want to use it for a next one year and on the hand I would like to have an inexpensive intel-based Mac. However, in my view one of the key reasons to work with a Mac is stability and logical, predictable operating system. It is certainly tempting to build a HackPro instead of buing a Mac Mini for a similar amount of money, but in my case the second alternative is also quite reasonable and if no Hackintosh setup works well at the moment, I would prefer to either wait or just buy a Mini. I noticed that you have p5w mobo. Could you make a short comparison of these two motherboards? Is it a better solution?