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  1. I already fixed this problem. I updated bios on my DS3L board to the last version F8f and now everything is working , but thanks anyway newbmac I will search for this thread
  2. To mtotho: Thanks for this quide, but I found some problems: 1) i found that if you install all 7 kext for AHCI support system will crash. you need only 4 of them. 2) i cant remove those orange icons, if you install 2 kext to fix them system wiil crash =( Finally I downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2 disk image, and it is really working, no more orange drives and shutdown problems. everything is working finy, exept usb ports. I Cant understand my usb mouse, keyboard and remote device are working, but if i insert usb flash or hard drive nothing happens. Can somebody help me?
  3. Hi. Thanks for the guide. Have myself GA-P35-DS3L rev.2.0 Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2x1Gb dual DDRII 800 Mhz A-Data Extreme Edition Asus GeForce 6600 256mb Asus Sata DVD drive Hitachi Sata 80Gb HDD Seagate SataII 320Gb HDD. Everything works fine, but i have a little problem with dual boot to windows XP: Firstly, a have installed windows xp on my hitachi drive, then i changed in bios to boot from seagate drive. Installed kalyway dvd on it, but in disk utility i partitioned the drive. I have installed mac os on my first partition. Mac os running perfectly, but when i`m trying in mac os bootloader to boot in windows, he gaves me an error ("boot failure, please insert a proper boot device" or something like that). Is it because i have partitioned the drive or maybe another reason???
  4. May be i'm using wrong drivers or ver4.1 won't work ever? Any suggestions:blink: