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  1. Hi guys i got AR956x on my Asus X556URK Core i5, Intel HD 620, GTX 930m its working on Sierra and High Sierra but when i installed mojave it doesnet anyone can confirm this? or is there a fix for this?
  2. ran22

    Ralink RT61 Leopard Drivers

    <br /><br /><br /> Yap!!!! I also have a Rt2561 from MSI. The drivers from the Ralink websites is for PPC mac as of now we need to WAIT for the Intel version. As of now try to buy a cheap pci lan card with a Realtek8139 it works like a charm.
  3. Hi BlackCh everything is working fine except my ethernet. im just wondrin my tplink8139d is not detected i chose this option Pcgeneric Realtek8139 but stll no success.
  4. Hey Jake! Pcwiz release is pretty slick, booting time is so damn fast (12 secs), i dont have problem with my own video card. Its just i cant get the green light of my Tp-link R8139d.I successfully applied the PPF1 to PPf5 but still no go. As soon i restart my connection died. Using Ideneb and iatkos 10.5.5 its working out of the box. Does upgrading to 10.5.6 affect my R8139D? Is there a way to fix this? My Rig Asus P5GCMX-1333 250 gigs HD Sata/150 gig HD Ide Asus DVDRW 2gigs of Ram Ich7 chipset 8500GT 512 video card Option that I check iPc base system Voodoo kernel 9.5 NVdarwin 512 Intel Ichx Sata drivers Alc883 address 2 Real R1000 Dual boot time sync appleSmbios 667 Applying R8139
  5. ran22

    10.5.6 Released!

    Guys any success on using Realtek 8139 nic on 10.5.6? Mine is not working. It was detected but as soon i restart my pc it was disconnected. Any idea on how to fix this?
  6. ran22

    Geforce 8400GS 256MB DVi Error

    Guys try a fresh install of your osx using a dvi mode. This works for me. Im using inno3d 8400 gs 256. Hope this may help.
  7. ran22

    TP-LINK WN321G - Help from ran22

    after your extraction you will see 2 folders. choose the usbwireless 10.4 it will ask you that you need to restart you pc. At the verbose mode type -v. Hope this may help you
  8. ran22

    TP-LINK WN321G - Help from ran22

    <br /><br /><br /> Hi Kamil Just download this http://rapidshare.com/files/181275763/RTUS..._11_10.dmg.html an follow my guide here http://forum.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/i...hp/t129935.html
  9. ran22

    Linksys WMP54G v4.1 PCI (Ralink RT2561)

    Hi Guys and Macgirl!!!!! Is it working now on intel leopard or still the ppc version?
  10. ran22

    iMovie not working

    You need to go the software updates and download updates for the imovie
  11. ran22


    Hi BlackCh Im using Ideneb version right now.I have 2 question here. Is there a guide to patch PPF1 to the iso? and w/c driver i will choose, theres a lot of option here. New features that i didnt know how to use. Reality Im just a noob. Thanks Asus P5GC-mx Core 2 Duo Sata 250 gigs HD 8500 GT 512 Ide Dvdrw Intel chipset Alc883 Attansic L2
  12. ran22


    Ah Guys!!!! How do exactly patch the PF1 to the iso still a noob here?
  13. ran22

    Are Mormons Christians?

    Guys B4 anything else we should know what it meant to be a christian. any group can freely say that he or she is a christian. some will say im a christian coz my parents are, some guys will say im not muslim so therefore im a christian, i always go to church every sunday, i pray alot i have my own bible with different version, i belong to a baptist church are this a proof that u are. Sadly no... THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD VIEW IS TRYING TO SAY..... Christian means having a PERSONAL reltionship with Christ w/c result to a change life.
  14. ran22

    Ralink RT61 mac driver development effort

    any news update about this chipset? Hope that ralink people make intel leo driver for this RT61.
  15. ran22

    help with ralink RT2561/RT61

    Sad to say it will not work (Official and Taiwan). the drivers is for ppc not for intel mac. I have a wireless lan card with a Rt61 also we need to wait for the new release.