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  1. 100+ views and not one suggestion? Please, anyone ?
  2. System Reserved. Use Gparted to set it (or any partition you want) as active. Can anyone suggest a bootloader that will look for bootable partitions on two harddrives and not just one with multiple partitions?
  3. Just built a desktop system using weaksauce's guide. I will post my system specs if that's required for an answer but since both my installs work, I just can't get the bootloader working correctly, I will not post them here unless someone requests to see them. I will say that I have a two harddrive set-up and want my OS's on separate drives. What I want is a dual booting system... on TWO separate harddrives. Bootloader should come up at start-up (like Darwin/Chameleon does) and show me bootable partitions for both drives... can't figure out how to do that. I have an OSX retail version 10.5.6 (legit), and windows 7 latest eval copy from MS. OSX retail will not install itself on anything but a GUID partitioned harddrive... I mention that because when I used iatkos to make a laptop a year and a half ago, it allowed me to create an MBR drive and install OSX and XP on to two separate partitions on one MBR drive. Darwin Bootloader would then come up at startup and show me both bootable partitions... OSX and XP, I use the menu to select which one I wanted, hit enter and they loaded. This time, OSX won't touch any drive that isn't GUID... tried it a million different ways, only way it will install to a drive is if I repartition the drive in Mac Disk Utility and use GUID to partition. Win7, likewise, will not touch a GUID drive. Needs MBR. And for some reason, no matter what I do, if I install OSX first, it messes with my ability to install Win7 at all... I just get 'can't install' error messages, it won't let me touch either drive or any partition. What's happening when I have both drives installed in the system is that when I install either of those OS's, the installations are taking control of both drives. OSX puts some 200 MB partition on the second drive even though I'm not using it in installation, and Win7 likewise puts the 100MB boot partition on the largest drive, the one I want only for OSX. So my solution was the following... I unplugged my larger drive that I want for OSX only and left only the smaller drive for Win7 plugged in and recognized on my system. I then installed Win7 on that harddrive and all went smoothly, install works flawlessly. I then plugged the larger harddrive for OSX back in, booted with Magic Disk, completed the OSX install on the larger hard drive, rebooted, installed patches, got everything working, then installed Chameleon off the Uinstaller program on magic disk and rebooted again... I get the Chameleon bootloader menu at start up and can boot into a 100% working version of OSX (minus Boot Camp, which gives me an incompatible bios error). The problem... the boot menu on Chameleon only shows bootable partitions from ONE drive (the OSX drive). I want it to show options from BOTH. In order to boot into Windows 7, I need to use Magic Disk, select the second harddrive (81) and then I get the boot menu for that drive that then shows the bootable partition for Win7... and yes, once I am there I can select it and boot into a flawlessly working Windows 7 install. So both installs are there and 100% functional... and I can get to OSX with NO issues at all, just by booting the system into Chameleon and hitting enter or letting the 5 seconds time out. But in order to get to the Windows 7 install on the other hard drive, I need to use Magic Disk like I mentioned above. Am I doomed to use Magic Disk to every time I want to get to Windows 7? How can I get Chameleon to show me boot options from BOTH harddrives and not just the one that OSX is on? Or is there another program I can use ? I've seen EASYBCD suggested, but I downloaded and installed it in Windows 7 and I get an error any time I try to open and use the program... something about it being compatible with Vista and not the current OS. Can someone help? Is there a way to tweak the code for Chameleon to show bootable options from both drives ? Or is there a way to get Chameleon to act like Magic Disk does... i.e. I have to select the drive first (80, 81, or fe for the dvd), then the partition from it to boot from? Ideally I'd just like a menu of all bootable partitions to show up so I can just choose one and hit enter, but I wouldn't be against a couple of extra keystrokes (80 or 81) in order to boot... what I don't want is to have to pop in a cd every time I want to get to Windows 7. Hope that all makes sense... and can anyone help me out ?
  4. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    To those of you with the Intel Wifi or 1395 cards that won't work with iatkosir2/Leopard... Go to ebay and buy an old Dell 1390 card... It'll cost you $10 and it's easy to pop/swap right in your system... two screws, two connections and it just snaps right into place... works great.
  5. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Just another update on my build... received the 1390 card in the mail today (record shipping time to boot!) and swapped it into my Vostro 1500 in place of my 1395. Windows had no problem recognizing and installing it... and neither did Leopard ! Once I booted into Leopard, the 1390 was recognized as an Airport card right away... I enable it, connected to my router and am happily browsing on Safari via my airport connection in Leopard. SEAMLESS !!!!!! I'm loving this... I was convinced I'd have to re-install Leopard to get the 1390 to be recognized as an Airport card, but no worries ! So thanks again to Hexidecimal for the kick-ass guide... My only challenge remains the power management (shut down, restart, sleep and battery/charge meter). If I could get those to work in Leopard, my Hackintosh would be truly complete... I hope someone comes up with a solution. I noticed that the battery/charge meter worked fine in the iatkosir2 installation screens... it's not until after install on the harddrive that it stops working... if I decide to re-install iatkosir2, is there an option in the install screen that I can select to make the power-management stuff work ? And will that make it so I can't use the kalyway 10.5.2 update and kernel update ?Thanks again for all the help... When I started GParted the first time I installed iatkosir2 correctly (on an MBR partition, not GUID), GParted said the Leopard partition already had the boot-flag enabled. So I changed nothing, shut down and restarted the Vostro and got that dreaded blinking cursor you speak of... What I did next was go back into GParted, and disable that boot flag on the Leopard partition... (Manage>Flags>Boot). Then I shut down and rebooted right back into GParted once again and went ahead and enabled the boot flag back on again on my Leopard partition... I then shut down, restarted with the Gparted disc out of the drive, and the dreaded blinking cursor was gone, my Vostro finally booted into Leopard on it's own, without the help of the iatkosir2 DVD-R. iatkosir2 must create a boot flag on the Leopard partition that isn't compatible with the Dell bios or something... but once you remove that flag, reboot into gparted, enable the flag, reboot again, the blinking cursor problem was gone.Hope that helps.
  6. Use better media, a slower record rate or a better drive... it's a DVD drive read error. I had the same problem... my solution was to start the DVD boot (hit return in Darwin) when the dvd drive was still spinning and not allowing it to stop before proceeding.
  7. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Thanks for the suggestion and file, but no dice for me... I had to repair drive permissions first, then I used your bundle and replaced and rebooted and still no battery meter or option to turn it on in system preferences. I also tried the patch in this thread with no luck : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=80425 In that thread there is a suggestion that ' AppleACPIPlatform v 1.0.5 ' will work with iatkos... mine appears to be AppleACPIPlatform v 1.1.0 - I'm not sure where I go about finding v 1.0.5 System/Library/SystemConfiguration
  8. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    How did you get the battery meter to work ? Which instructions or patch did you use ?
  9. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    ...turns out the mistake with the non-working Wireless is mine once again. I don't have a Dell 1390 Wireless card, I've got a 1395. I must have mis-read or forgotten what my Dell order and invoice said... I could have sworn I had the 1390... and of course the 1395 isn't compatible and I don't think there's a fix or patch for it. Oh well, $10 on ebay and a week's wait for delivery and I'll have a 1390 to swap in the place of the 1395. Hopefully when I swap the 1390 in, Leopard will recognize it and Airport will work right away, but I'm willing to re-install if necessary. But otherwise, I'm up and running so far and got the graphics and sound working now with the help of Hexi's step-by-step... I'm using working LAN port to post via Safari until I get my parts. I'm telling you, just add a note to the walk-through about choosing MBR over GUID during the partition stage, and this would be the most user-friendly Vostro guide on the site... easiest to follow by far. Thanks again for writing it. I may hold off on the 10.5.2 updates until I get the 1390 installed, or I may push forward now that I've gotten by that initial boot problem. I also want to see if I can do the battery meter and time machine fixes. And then on to trying to get XP Pro installed and execute the dual boot. Yay !
  10. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Well... the install worked and I'm now able to boot off the Hard Drive... but the Dell 1390 Wireless Card was/is NOT detected for some reason and I'm hesitant to proceed further without getting that to work... it's important to me. I suppose I can use a USB wireless thing, but my first choice is getting the internal wireless to work. Time to tool around some more.... any suggestions would be welcomed.
  11. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    This is probably the most newbie user friendly guide I've read for the Vostro so far, thanks for writing it Hexidecimal.I've got the exact same Vostro as you, minus the Bluetooth. I also want to make my system dual boot to Leopard and XP Professional, but I've got the plain old 32bit version. Unfortunetely I can't even get to the Windows install because I get stuck trying to install iatkosir2. I followed your instructions to the letter, I boot with iatkosir2 and open the Disk Utility. I partioned and formatted the same as you... 2 partions of equal size, GUID format... one HFS+, the other left as Free Space. I selected the same options (EFI bootloader only and the Broadcomm Network Driver). The install goes normally and I get the green check mark and successful install message. I then reboot and insert the GParted LiveCD and I set the boot flag on the HFS+ partition and okay the change. I restart and remove the GParted CD... the BIOS proceeds as normal, but then the system just stops and all I get is a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner of the screen... the same thing that happens when the hard drive is completely blank/unpartioned... the system isn't seeing the Leopard install or bootloader on the HD. And then when I try and boot with the iatkos DVD-R in the drive, it just loads the installer again and I'm back at square one. I've tried starting the install all over and deleting the partions and reinstalling iatkosir2, and trying to boot without using GParted... I used a method I found on these forums to set the partion as active by pressing F8, typing -s, then fdisk -e /dev/disk0s2 and some other commands, but I still end up with the same result.. the blinkng cursor and nothing loading. The only success I've had with iatkosir2 is to install it with no options at all selected in the customize menu... then the install will go through successfully, but the computer still won't boot on it's own. However, if I leave the iatkosir2 dvd-r in the drive, it will then boot to Leopard. Unfortunetely though, it will ONLY boot with the dvd-r in the drive.... and my dell 1390 wireless card isn't recognized (I assume because I never checked the Broadcomm setting) and Airport won't work. Leopard is no good to me without the Wireless working, so this install is not considered a success for me, and I haven't tried to proceed further at that point and make the graphics and sound changes.... I need to get it so it boots on it's own without the DVD-R (and ultimately will dual boot with XP-Pro32) and so the wireless, graphics and sound all work. Can you help ? The only thing I can think of that could be different from my PC to yours is the BIOS settings... I tried the install with Speed-Step both on and off in the BIOS and still got the dreaded non-loading blinking cursor and unsuccessful install... I've had it off mostly because that's the way yours is configured. Can you please give me a run down of all of your bios settings so I can check them against mine and find out why this install works on your Vostro 1500 and not mine ? Thanks. Well, thanks to this post I MAY have found my problem.Trying a reinstall now with the Partion Map set to MBR instead of GUID.... will check back in when the install is done.I could have sworn I tried using MBR in a previous install with no success... but now I am questioning whether I set the boot flag correctly on that install.We'll see what happens... (fingers crossed...)