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  1. All hail to Kalyway the ... Thanks man..ur previous release worked..had to install some drivers though by myself..now with this release..the only one i need to include is the Ati 7500 Btw, I'll be seeding this torrent for another few days..so anybody wants it..please grab it..cause i'm seeding from my work place..and its a high speed line..
  2. Hi there everyone... Is it possible to have the /Users on a separate partition and the root folder / on separate partition? :censored2: Anyone knows how to do this?
  3. has anyone managed to install ati radeon mobility 7500 in leopard.. please reply..thanks a lot
  4. I'm sorry for posting this guys..but for the past one week i couldnt download the kalyway leopard torrent..it stays at 0.00KB and no download or upload.. plus the hash doesnt match...can some tell me where else i can grab the torrent file? I used the following to download the torrent and all doesnt wanna download 1.http://www.torrentreactor.net 2. torrentz.com I've tested a lot of torrents and the hash doesn't match with kaly's hash Thanks for the help guys... Btw, people who has downloaded the torrent.. please upload to the ration of 1:1 atleast.. this would help the community to grow and avoid question like mine to arise..thanks for your wonderfull contributions..