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  1. Dell Precision M4400 Installation Guide

    Ok, new clean install with iDeneb 1.5.1 10.5.7. Almost all is working, wifi, sound, video after the above nVidia install. But touchpad and pointing stick dont work so i use an external USB mouse with the internal keyboard. Battery meter is working too. The system wont reboot/shutdown. Le see if i can fix the rest
  2. Dell Precision M4400 Installation Guide

    I still cannot get my 1510N card working though it should be able to work, i just cannot find a driver for it. Also the touchpad...and as i stated above ithere have been reports it was solved. Powermanagement and battery meter would be nice but i wont mind to live without it. This weekend i'll try a clean install on a second harddrive and see if i can solve my issues.
  3. Dell Precision M4400 Installation Guide

    Ok, its working :-) Audio is up and running, video resolution is 1920x1200 Just the touchpad....if i remove the kext my keyboard and trackstick stop working too and only an external keyboard and mouse work. Also my Dell 1510 wifi card doesnt work.... I did read something about this as an Apple update but it wont install on 10.5.6 or 10.5.7. I updated to iDeneb 10.5.7 but i cannot see any changes. I also would like to have a battery meter so i can keep an eye on that as i think its running at max power all the time. Then..there is also a Latitude E6500 topic, and as the M4400 is practicly the same...maybe that topic has some solutions. In the topic above it says the kext solves the touchpad issue. Also confirmed by M4400 user SethVIII8.
  4. Dell Precision M4400 Installation Guide

    I am trying to install a 10.5.6 version too on my M4400. But both iDeneb 1.4 or XxX Universal Final will install fine but my graphics dont work (max 1024x768), my audio dont work, touchpad goes crazy, pointing stick works fine. Am i doing something wrong as you were able to get the audio working and the graphics. I tried the graphics drivers from the links above.
  5. I voted for fun! I read about it waiting for a train to bring me home in a small kiosk at the train station on the cover of a plastic wrapped magazine. As i couldnt read the article i used google/mininova/usenet. I found Jas 10.4.8 and upgraded my IBM ThinkPad A31 to a 100GB harddrive and 1 GB memory. Made a partition for XP (so i could download) and installed Jas on a second partition using a tutorial on the wiki page. Then i found out i couldnt run all software like iWorks08 and iLife08. I notice the sytem requirements were 10.4.9 or higer... So i downloaded XxX 10.4.11. In this version i needed to install more "out of the box" before everything worked but still i got most of it running. The fun part now is to surprise (Mac) people with my system