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  1. Hey everyone, found a vaio RX550 lying around the house converted it to OS X 86 (Jas 10.4.7, going to update to 4.8 after i post this) anyways, everything is working perfectly and the 1.5 P4, though a little underpowered, does everything really nice (nothing hardcore on this just a kit seeing how i have a 17in macbook pro) but question, it's using it's standard VGA output, and as a windows or linux box it could support really high resolutions, i have a 23in lcd HD monitor and i wanted to get the highest possible resolution outta it not just 1024x768 i can't stand stretched images! any help would be much, much appreciated -V
  2. So everything works on my hackintosh, but for some reason the card bus doesn't, this is the only hackintosh that does this. but i do not know what card bus type i have, i have the link to the drivers, and i tried all three, but i am using a Toshiba Satellite A15-S129, any one know what type of card bus this is? i'd imagine it's the same as any other a15 satellite, but you never know. -V
  3. HELP osx86 hangs on boot!

    silly me, i installed the amd bios on an intel machine. wow that was dumb. ok problem solved, thanks for the help though!
  4. HELP osx86 hangs on boot!

    once it reaches the account login started. it hangs i never get the gray apple screen, it always boots with diagnostics, and that's where it always stops.
  5. HELP osx86 hangs on boot!

    hey, so i installed JaS 10.4.7 on my sattelite A15 and i know it has SSE2 so install went successfull, but whenever i load it up it just hangs during the boot. i used -v to see what the diagnostic problems were, and it gave me a username error and i tried -x to boot safe, no go. i got this as a gift for no reason, but can't stand windows loaded osx86 JaS on my 3 intel machines and use a macbook pro regularly, i thought i did everything right, but now i'm fresh outta ideas. any help?