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  1. Hi Can anybody help me please by Nvidia Gforce 6600LE , I have installed Leo4allV3 without the 10.5.2.kext and installed the another Option . How do i now install the Graphic-Drivers for use Quartz-Extreme. In Leo4allv1 was all ok and i can use Quartz Extreme. Thanks so lot for help
  2. Leo4allV3 No Desktop

    hI, it runs now i made a misstake, but how can i use high resolution and quartz extreme or how can i install the Drivers for my Card (Nvidia 6600LE) in the first Versions (Leo4allV1) was all OK. Thanks
  3. Leo4allV3 No Desktop

    Sorry about my question, but... how must be used the scipt when i run the ./option script and the choose... 1. for remove.. and then 2. for Nvidia the only thing what i see is, any things about READ only do you which overwite System/Library/Extension/ ___> and then any things of NV... and GE... I type in Y but nothings happens Thanks
  4. Leo4allV3 No Desktop

    Hi, i have installed the V3 of Leo4all but i see no Screen for further installation. I only hear the installation Music and a Voice From a Man about Mac OS 10.5.2 and so on ... What ist wrong... If the Problem the Drivers for my Graphic-Card NV 6600. By the installation i have choose the 10.5.2 Kext for Nvidia. When i choose the another Option (old Drivers) i can choose options after reboot, but then is see only 1024x768 Pixel and no quart extreme.. Thanks...