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  1. okey.. solved. now i understand why it's look like that. maybe these injecting id pretend that software using quicksync that actually using gfx card thats why i didn't see igpu in system information/dpci manager. thank guys for make me curiously little by little giving assistance sorry MaLd0n for dirty ur thread
  2. ok, now I can boot normally.. but I'm still confuse is there any related to h/w decoding after fixing acpi . I tried configure clover configuration to activate hevc/h264 transcode using rx470 but nothing change (already read carefully ur topic about [Guide] Hardware Encoder / Hardware Decoder / Video Processing / HEVC Support ) it still utilize cpu load under 100% noted. I'm on latest version 10.13.6 (17G4015) using inject KBL not recognized igpu show me the meaning a... sorry if I OOT but I think too many Open thread out there but still make us confuse..
  3. NULL.. still boot stuck like pict below. I intend you help patching again my DSDT file inside sendme file zip.
  4. Hi, MaLd0n.. I tried to fixing acpi files (DSDT.aml) after overclocking.. but ended with stuck error. (No Argumentsare initialized for method [_CRS] / [_STA]. actually I tried to configure how to make my macX vid Converter encode/ decode use my AMD card. but always fail &just blush load cpu 100%. please check what error must be fixing. &how to implement transcode FCPX using both Quicksync either PEG resource. is there any difference when connecting hdmi cable monitor port igpu/ pegp?which one must do?IGPU multi monitor enable?primary display pcie/igpu?im still confuse thanks for enlightenment given Send me HanZos-iMac.zip
  5. What device for? can i just remove/ unplug incompatible one.. coz sometimes i get boot stuck while appear above error. im affraid can't boot & get in to OS onward, when i hv important project file inside that i can't access it. i still confuse where error came from, from incompatible efi bootloader version, kext or any other with my sistem? please check my actual runme files below Send me HanZos-iMac.zip
  6. Dear @MaLd0n after few day using my hackintosh.. i suddenly found same error while happened after i shutdown pc or reboot. can you help me to find out error section on my dsdt DSDT.aml
  7. @MaLd0n i have acpi error after change bios setting for overclock purpose. tried to update bios version didn't solved my problem. this my latest acpi file hoping you help me fixing it. Send me HanZos-iMac.zip
  8. I don't hv many literature for patching acpi files thats why I ask to you to help me out correct my dsdt files. I just put in essential device part that always for dailies use like pcie wifi, bt dongle, cam, usb mouse, wireless k.board no more cosmetic part
  9. my hacky disk formatted in hfs+,, so I put out apfs.efi from drivers64UEFI & just use HFSplus.efi any diff with this
  10. Please check my config that already use last dsdt u gv me I hope this would be help to identification errors where come from.. I gv u link my clover log record & take screen cap for easy read it. https://www68.zippyshare.com/v/F2YJn9pE/file.html https://www68.zippyshare.com/v/oTFbLxQt/file.html
  11. I hv tried disable cpudisplay & setup to egpu as default but still getting bootloop. after that I hv tried to changing clover config.plist with new file over windows.. but right now don't know my USB port didnt detect like before looks at SS05/SS06 or HS05/HS06 port didn't show anything while I trying this port. don't know what clover usb patch is wrong. maybe u can correct my config.plist again. this my system dump with last dsdt files u gv me. https://www68.zippyshare.com/v/oj5mVG27/file.html hope u don't get tired of me
  12. btw,, which one dsdt file I must use that final u hv fixing that proper to my mobo configuration.. I still confuse there's few acpi files on your link quote? please send me again the final dsdt file for my mobo.. thanks for great support