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  1. Coolin93

    OSx86 on Presario F760el, please help!

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1000610 Try that, our models aren't the same but I'm fairly certain they have similar parts.
  2. Coolin93

    Randomness. Worst Windows OS?

    ME definitely Vista's not that bad it just got a lot of bad press. I remember using ME when I was like 7 and I'd be using IE and it would just randomly crash and get a BSOD...
  3. Hmmm I wish Psystar would win, but then again I don't cause it could kill Apple keeping OS X neat and tighty with its own hardware. If they do win(which I doubt they will) Apple could just make it so psystar has to provide fixes with updates from Apple like they were before so Apple won't have to make OS X like Windows and make it support everything. Personally I think Apple should just allow us OSx86 people to put it on our Machines like we do now but no selling, and leave the compatibly issues to us like we do now.
  4. Coolin93

    Best netbook for OSX?

    Haha I never realized the coffee is taller Yeah I noticed that with the Asus machines when I was looking at them on newegg a while back.
  5. Coolin93

    Greatest Mac in History

    Definitely the Aluminum MacBook Pro! I love the simplistic design of it!
  6. Coolin93

    Best netbook for OSX?

    So lets put it this way If you want no fan and don't need that much space the Mini 9 is perfect for you If you don't mind the fan and need more space the Wind is perfect for you I'd mention the Asus but I haven't looked into how well it runs and how easy it is to get it working with Leo. EDIT: Btw Una I love your avy! I'm gonna go and do the same thing when I get my Wind!
  7. Coolin93

    Best netbook for OSX?

    You have a good point UnaClocker. SSD doesn't suck, there incredibly fast but there just to small and expensive right now. A big reason I'm getting the Wind is because I can get everything I want for it in one place and cheaper than the dell.
  8. Coolin93

    Best netbook for OSX?

    Hmmm I've been looking up a lot on the Wind and for me I think its going to be a better buy. I'm going to pay $391.92 on Newegg for a black wind, 1GB of RAM, and an external USB DVD drive. Everything works on the wind except for the audio in and out and the built in mic, which is kind of a bummer for the audio in since it would be nice to use that when at a coffee shop instead of lugging around USB headphones but meh that's what I have an iPod Touch for. Plus My USB headset is what I would mostly use at home for music and audio in. Plus there are a TON of guides on how to install Leopard on it.
  9. Sorry but I'm going to be buying an MSI wind since it runs OS X basically flawless and it suits my needs more. Thank you very much for waiting though, I'm sorry if I caused you any inconvenience.
  10. Coolin93

    Best netbook for OSX?

    Hmmm I'm really tempted to buy a mini 9...if only the damn solid state drives weren't so expensive
  11. That's ok I wasn't sure if that was it or if there were any other problems, and I understand with the swirly scratches my white DS has the same thing.
  12. Put this on hold for me for a few days, there is a big chance I may buy this from you but it maybe a few weeks since I'm waiting for my tax returns. Does the 700 dollar price tag include shipping? If you could, it would be great if you could email me a few pictures of were the wear and tear is cause the pictures you posted you can't really see it.
  13. Hmmm I maybe interested in this...
  14. Coolin93

    Windows 7 Program Compatibility List

    Program --------------- Version --------------- Compatible CounterStrike Source -- ???-------------------- Yes Steam ------------------- ??? -------------------- Yes AIM ------------------------ 6 -------------------- Yes MediaMan ------------------3 -------------------- Yes Gmail Notifier ------------??? ------------------- Yes Adobe Flash CS4 -------- 10 ------------------- Yes VLC -----------------------??? ------------------- Yes Day Of Defeat -----------??? ------------------- Yes
  15. Coolin93

    iWork '09 trojan beware!

    IT'S COMING...lol, I knew that those iWork torrents looked to good to be true >.>