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  1. Ipod Touch 2G stuck in DFU mode,HELP!

    Have you tried holding the Power+Home buttons for 10 seconds, then continue holding the Home button for 10 more seconds? Have you tried it on another computer with a different iPod cable?
  2. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    I am not entirely sure. Currently I am getting back into this stuff after 2 years of not doing it so I'll have to try it out myself. Usually what I've found is if you inject the SB600 chipset kext and the kext for the CD drive into the iso, you should make it all the way to the install screen, barring a few tweeks to the boot. (-v -Legacy...) And make sure that either the install dvd has a package for the SB600 chipset or after install, copy over the kext into the install and boot with "-f" if I'm remembering correctly. Still have to try this all out. As far as upgrading, (try at your own risk) you should be able to download the update from apple and remove afew kexts and use Marvin's AMD patching utility to make it work with AMD. This may or may not f*ck up your install so make sure to back everything up. If not, just do a clean install on another partition.
  3. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    I still say its not worth much without an actual working solution for QE/CI. Congrats on finally getting it to work. And JaS would work on your system, you just forgot to format a partition to Fat32 before trying to use DiskUtility.
  4. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    The JaS distro you tried will work, but you need to splice the sb600 kext into the install disk for it to find your harddrive to do anything to it. However there still seems to be a lack of a suitable Ati x1200 QE/CI or resolution workaround, so until that changes it really isn't worth much as an operating system. I would suggest that you try one of the Leo4All releases or any release that includes the SB600 kext.
  5. Realtek RTL8187B wireless in Leo?

    I also have not been able to get this card working. It doesn't even show up in System Profiler. I don't know how to get a driver working for it if Leopard 10.5.2 doesn't even know it exists.
  6. LaptopDisplay

    This didn't work for me. It didn't even register.
  7. Will this work to install 10.5.3 Update on an AMD machine or is further modification needed to install it?
  8. Well thank you for your effort. I thought I might let you know how I got Eddie's v3 working with my sb600 chipset. For some reason it can't find the DVD boot drive and after asking around on irc, I came to the answer of using "rd=disk1s2" or whatever number your boot DVD drive is. It worked for me to get past the waiting for root on his. But I'm still baffled at the graphics issue I am having with his release. It loads the dvd to a blank gray screen with a movable mouse pointer and then stops. Right now I'm trying to find out what files might be causing this because Kaly's release loads to the install but will not install properly. So if he can do it than I know that eddie's can too! Hope this helps someone.
  9. Hey, tried this iso and it didn't work for me on my Toshiba A215 with the sb600 chipset. Gave me a waiting for root device no matter what startup options I used. And before you ask; my toshiba bios actions are very limited. No options for changing drive order or anything really.
  10. Hard to believe but update in the works

    I'm not sure if there is a way to change your vesa driver, but if you can, could you update it to the one based off of the Macbookpro?
  11. osx86leo4all.wikidot.com is BACK ONLINE

    I don't know what problems you are having but it works just fine for me.
  12. Toshiba A210/A215 Success or Problem Thread

    I don't think I have had that issue but I think it has been resolved in a forum somewhere on here.
  13. I get this on my AMD Nforce desktop. I'm thinking it has something to do with the speed the disk is burned at but I'm not sure.
  14. Leo4All and Kalyway 10.5.2 install GUI issue

    No I mean when trying to boot off of the DVD it hangs when trying to mount the hard drives. I think I may have the solution though. The current AHCI kexts only support 2 harddrives or partitions. I have 3 partitions. So I am going to try Leo4Allv3 and see if that helps any. It is supposed to include the updated kexts that support more than 2 harddrives(partitions).
  15. Ok, here is my problem: I have downloaded and burned to DVD both Kaly and Eddie11c's latest releases and so far both of them stop right before launching the install gui. It's not like there is a "Waiting for root device" error, it is finished loading all of the system kexts and should be loading the blue screen and then show the language select so you can continue with the install. But I can't even get that far. Are there any gurus out there who can share some ideas on this? Eddie and I both are baffled on this and have no idea where to go with it. Btw, bios setting changes won't work as it is a POS Toshiba A215 that for all intents and purposes has no bios at all. The only settings you can change are like "dynamic cpu" or enable/disable wired ethernet. All of the other settings are hidden and from what I have read there is no way to edit the Pheonix bios settings to "unhide" the options. Thanks in advance to any and all comments!