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  1. Dr. Hurt, When I use your DSDT attachment (v3) I get graphics working (obviously) + working sleep, when I patch it myself, I get working graphics still, but no sleep, my Hac just stays on but the screen goes black :/ has your DSDT got some kind of sleep fix attached? if so, can I add the code into my own DSDT file? if so, whats the code?
  2. Weekday Go to bed = about 10-11pm Wake up = 7:10am (to catch bus to college, hour journey) Weekend Go to bed = 3am-5am Get up = 9am-ish Weekend usually consists of OSX86 fun, or some other crazy computer experiment.
  3. Two interesting new utilities

    Why not just use the Applications folder as a stack? (Put it into list mode) then you have a pretty effective start button..
  4. A good joke?

  5. Taken on iSight cam, excuse quality..
  6. Bit off, but you mostly understand it.. The steps to get boot132 and chameleon working are... 1. prepare a boot132 disc, with the neccessary kexts (Mac OS X drivers), you can set it to boot a kernel off the boot132 disc (in this case the voodoo kernel).. this will make it a near retail install, as you won't be running the vanilla kernel because you can't on your hardware, sadly.. (search around for tutorials) 2. Boot the boot132 disc, follow the prompts, swap the boot132 disc for the retail leopard DVD, enter your drive ID (usually "9F") and hit enter. The Leopard DVD will boot up if all goes well. 3. make two partitions, one for the bootloader (about 200mb), one for the leopard install (Won't go into the specifics here, follow the macloader tutorial I linked you two in my previous post for more info) 4. When Leopard is installed on the install partition, boot it with the boot132 disc, this time the device ID is usually 80 for the first HDD, 81 for the second etc 5. setup the bootloader partition following the macloader tutorial, replace the default kernel (located at /Mach_Kernel) and change the boot plist so it knows which kernel to boot, so it can boot on your hardware. Boot132 is essentially a wrapper for Leopard, tricks Leopard into thinking its running on a Mac. let me know if you want me to tell you all that in simpler terms, its being lame being treated like a noob, don't want to insult your intelligence! for all I know you could be an OSX86 genius who needs a push in the right direction!
  7. Not to be mean, but we get a massive build up of these kindof threads... (Y'know the "will be hardware work?" threads) Your best off searching either google or insanelymac for each individual component.. All I can say is that neither computer will be able to run vanilla kernels (the best way to run Mac OS X).. I highly recommend a retail install but use a voodoo kernel so Mac OS X will actually run. follow these tutorials.. Chameleon bootloader tutorial Boot132 and Voodoo kernel tutorial Retail installs are by far the cleanest way to go, as updates are much easier.. little downside is that you have to do a little homework... Which is good, as you really start to understand the underpinnings of Mac OS X, so your less likely to get stuck when you face a problem. Hope that helped
  8. iphone clone: does someone has experience?

    I thought we'd been over this...
  9. GMA 950 (Working Solution?)

    Any of you people tried this? Click me Works wonders on my Hac, all perfect.
  10. NO SOUND !

    Rule no. 1. Name your hardware, no one can help if you don't say what sound card you have. When you know, google it or search insanelymac.com, if you get no where, I will be happy to help. oh, and wrong forum Click here
  11. What You Thought You Need - Jack Johnson
  12. Chameleon v2 Artworks

    Theme I just cooked up.. Enjoy. Simplex.zip
  13. iPhone OS on regular smartphone?

    Almost an impossible task, hardware difference between smartphones is pretty massive, then you have the bootloader to contend with, and drivers... really isn't worth trying, to be honest... nice idea though Real Macs and PC don't have a big hardware difference, in fact, they are nearly identical if you have the right PC hardware, which is why Mac OS X was able to run on PCs.. Not the same with smartphones.
  14. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Nice simple and default... juuust how I like it.