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  1. hezzy, I'm wondering the same thing... if this gets answered, I will immediately buy an R2. I still want to contribute though, even though I don't have the m11x r2 or the r1 for that matter, so I found these sites, and I hope this will help someone find a way to disable the onboard video card so that qe / ci will work. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Alienware_M11x#Video scroll down to the video section: and there will a link, that will take you here: http://linux-hybrid-graphics.blogspot.com/...ia-optimus.html so if someone can use this code to create a custom kext that we can load into ctn777's method then the r2 will be working and all will be good! somebody please report back after trying also someone mentioned that FCP won't work due to not recognizing the video card upon startup, can someone please confirm this? - or post a workaround?
  2. Hey, I've read a few posts of people running natively with their TR2A - with almost all features working! but I was wondering if anyone has quartz extreme and Core Image working? It has the Intel 855GM integrated graphcs and I would love it if it can do QE CI ! If you have it running, please let me know your installation version, your patches and updates applied. thanks! I've got my custom p4 tower working.. but now I'm considering dual booting my lil' vaio. Let me know your thoughts! thanks.
  3. THANKS THAT WAS PAINLESS! I just updated from jas 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 using this method everything works great! The only modification I did was instead of installing a gma900 driver, I just had to use kexthelper and reinstall radeon9700.kext so that I would have QE CI for my apg 9800 pro Here are my specs: P4 2.8 (soon to be oc'd) 1gb ocz platinum rev2 ddr lg ide dvd 160gb ide 7200 rpm wd hdd ps2 keyboard/mouse sound works great HOORAY- now I can install FCP 6 !!!!!!