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  1. Just so you know, I have the same CPU/GPU and so I grabbed this as well. Dont know what to do with it yet, but I have it So thanks!
  2. Can you possibly elaborate? I can boot my snow leopard partition from your CD, but not from Chameleon installed on the drive ("You need to restart your computer").
  3. after nearly blowing the whole thing away and starting again (fdisk complains that the partitions dont align with cylinder boundaries or something) i finally got windows and ubuntu correctly booting...... snow leopard attempts to boot before giving me the "you must power off your computer" screen...... so Im *nearly* there....
  4. Hrm. Looks nice. After struggling with the broken installer, I finally got it installed to the MBR. It doesnt pickup the linux install. It includes a data NTFS partition that isnt bootable. When I boot OSX, it crashes and gives me the "hold down the power button" screen. Looks nice tho
  5. First Id heard of it actually - looks interesting, thanks for the tip!
  6. thanks so much for that awesome reply Rod! I figured where Id gone wrong, and now I have ubuntu, snow leopard and vista all happily co-existing. The only issue I still face is booting SL..... it seems to chainload boot0 ok (from the ubuntu partition) but then proceeds to boot vista! I can boot it from the chameleon based dellboot cd though... Im thinking of installing grub into the ubuntu partition and then putting chameleon on the MBR - but Im scared that installing chameleon on the bootsector will destroy the hybrid MBR...... hrm......
  7. Im in a similar situation, but with vista home/snow leopard/ubuntu. After configuring a hybrid MBR, it seems installing grub or chameleon breaks the windows install and perhaps even blows away the hybrid MBR table (if I go back into gpt fdisk (fdisk) it claims the disk only has protective MBR again). Has anyone got vista/snow leopard booting on a hybrid setup with chameleon (or in fact, any bootloader at all)? Im confused by EFI partitions/microsoft protected partitions etc - Can someone who has this working show their entire partition table please? muchos gracias
  8. Hi all Recently I bought an Asus P5E-VM HDMI mobo for a new PC Im building (OSX/WinXP/Ubuntu) and have since found the GMAX3500 card isnt compatible with OS-X. Any recommendations on a good (not $800 blistering fast) card that works out of the box? Preferably something Intel or Nvidia, as they give me the best chance of working in Ubuntu. thanks
  9. Has anyone managed to trace/debug shutdown and see where it hangs yet? Im wondering if we cant run a script on shutdown to force unload the offending kext or whatever.
  10. Yeh, its a bit flimsy, but generally I anchor the cable somewhere else, and I dont usually put my cables under co-workers' feet Plus, when it does break, Ill just wire/superglue a normal socket onto it anyway....
  11. FYI everyone (especially macgirl) On a whim I bought a Linksys USB200M USB->ethernet adapter, after having read that it has the same chipset as the Apple one. I kinda like the form factor better, and its a bit cheaper. It works 100% out of the box, so if its an option for you, go for it.
  12. hey macgirl, have you seen http://tinyurl.com/2ge97j ? Apparently its meant to fix reboot - any use? EDIT: sorry, I realised this is the same old nonworking reboot fix.
  13. hmmm, I reinstalled the vanilla kernel from kalyway 10.5.2 update and I get black screen on resume. What am I missing here? macgirl: can you zip up your IOUSBFamily.kext for me? I buggered mine up after forgetting to back it up. At the moment USB doesnt work for me :S EDIT: Never mind, Ive got it working! Sleep! W0000t!!! Now my m1330 is actually useful as a OS-X machine - awesome stuff! Thanks a million macgirl, I couldnt have done it without your help. You are a godsend.
  14. There is I think, its seperate to the hacked update tho. Whats the easiest way for me to get the vanilla kernel now? I really really need to have my eyes checked - Ill give it a go.
  15. macgirl - sometimes sleep works for me, but usually it either wakes with a black screen or with a 'you must hold down the power button to restart your machine' style error screen. Im pretty sure Im running the vanilla 10.5.2 kernel, but any idea where I might start checking for this? Sleep is really the last piece of the puzzle for me. thanks EDIT: Ive now tried the '9.2.0 sleep(no speedstep) kernel - http://tinyurl.com/yqrtnt' as found on IRC channel as well as the vanilla 9.2.0 kernel that came with the hacked 10.5.2 combo upgrade (is this the same kernel that comes with Apple's 10.5.2 upgrade?) and still sleep doesnt work. Ive heard 9.2.2 kernel mentioned, is this what I need? Macgirl, you also mentioned patched kexts for Sigmatel sound - where can I find this? Ive got AppleHDA installed and sound works but glitches for some stuff so Im wondering if the kexts will work better. So close to having my 10.5.2 working!