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  1. I`ve tried both, integrated and external RX580. Same result. Anyway, I will change my mainboard tomorrow. I have bought an MSI Z270 GAMING PRO CARBON. I will try this. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hello... First of all, sorry for my poor english. I am trying to install High Sierra on this motherboard, with 8GB of RAM, an Intenso SSD, and i5 7400. Touching several options of ##### (-disablegfxfirmware and USB ownership), I could install MacOS succesfully. I've booted fine, and tried to finish installation with #####. Since then, It's impossible to boot, with the Clover pendrive nor SSD. Allways I obtain a reboot (MACH Reboot) or hang. No way. I've tried ALL options. I have replaced CLOVER folder in SSD and pendrive with the posted here. No luck. Any clue? Thanks a lot.
  3. Introduce yourself

    Hello. I am old reader, but new poster. Thanks you all.
  4. Any success with Snow Leopard on this board? Thanks in advance. Manuel
  5. No Economyzer panel

    Hello... I've installed via Boot-132 Leopard on an Asus P5W64 WS Prof. All seems to be ok, except I can't suspend with any BIOS settings (the screen remains off). So, I tried to disable the energy savings to avoid suspending. But, when I click on the Economyzer icon on System Preferences... there is no options! The window, simply collapses to the upper bar... only the "Show All" option. :? Any clue? Any software than I coul use to do the same? (I tried Caffeine, buy the icon doesn't show any option either... and the computer suspends anyway). Thanks Manuel
  6. Read carefully the first 4 pages of this thread. Probably, you are wrong with the F8, ESC, switch CD sequence. Anyway, do not try anything else EFI/Boot-132. iDeneb and related DOES NOT WORK. Update to my last post: You must specify S3 suspend mode in BIOS. Auto mode does not work, but S3 is operative. Manu1oo1
  7. Hello... Successfull install in P6T WS Professional (for your records). Some minor glitches. -- First install, works ok. But when I imported the user from previous computer with the migration assistant, the hard disk become corrupted, and no repair was possible. Strange... -- New install, import right from installer now, and all works OK. -- Some problems: Sleep does not resume graphics (black screen). I will try with the BIOS settings. Network does not respond sometimes after boot. If I remove conexion, and put it again in place, works again. Manu1oo1 I forgot a question... This mainboard has a SAS controller and PCI-X slots. I have two SAS disks. But Leo not recognice either the integrated SAS, nor the Adaptec PCI-X (48300) that I've tried. ¿No way for this? Thanks. Manuelsan