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    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    new build is out I wonder if they added new drivers
  2. regarding the "still waiting for root devices" error on V2. The error seems to be fixed by randomly plugging in the sata to different ports. Make sure the other hdd's are unplugged for the first time. once you get a successful boot. Plug the hdds and leave ur snow hdd plugged where it was working. That's what I did when I had the same problem with leopard.
  3. great guide I hope you can keep it updated. Also instead of modifying the network drivers why not modify and copy the whole kext to the extra folder. That's what I am doing with leopard, keeps it clean and you won't have to go through it after every update.
  4. can some 1 post the final guide with all the needed files thanx
  5. can some one maybe update this guide to work with the new ideneb v1.5
  6. is there any reason why I can't find my "root device" after I updated to 10.5.6 / 7 . Seems to work fine before Also the same thing happens when I try to install from 10.5.6 DVD. I am really stumped I can't find anything that can cause that problem. Can any1 point me in the right direction Thank you in advance.
  7. CAN YOU DO THAT? Oh it would save me a lot of headache
  8. For some reason, the kernel can't find neither my 10.5.6 install dvd or my 10.5.6 updated install. The install works fine if I put my 10.5.0 install dvd in. I get through the whole setup I even get everything working. Things stop working right after I update to 10.5.6 I get stuck at the "waiting for root device" Tried boot a copy of leo 10.5.6 and installing from that but Kernel "still waiting for root device" . I even used the UUID to boot and it only boots when I hook up my external dvd. However after I get to the install screen I can't find my HDD's. I have AHCI enabled for any1 wondering . so to summarize: 10.5.0 DVD works 10.5.0 Install works 10.5.6 dvd doesn't work 10.5.6 updated from 10.5.0 doens't work 10.5.6 on an external dvd works fine can't find HDD's after. My guess: Kernel somehow someway won't see the hdd's or my sata dvd if I am on 10.5.6 anything. What I have: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboar bios updated to latest with an Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz 12gigs ram 2 sata HDD's and a sata dvd drive.
  9. ahhh.....finally was able to install it. I have the p6t delux v2 but I never updated the bios. Updating the bios fixed the "waiting for root device" error on the install dvd. However after I updated to 10.5.6 the error returned. I tried every combo of diskNsY I could think of and they all return the same error message. I think it has to do with the 132boot disk not loading the drivers for sata or something. I really can't wrap my head around this one. One intersting observation. If I try to boot the 10.5.6 install cd I get the error again. but I boot the 10.5 dvd that error goes away. any1 have a good copy of the 132boot cd that would work with both 10.5.6 and p6t v2?
  10. how do I know that I got the disknsy correct on the first step? is there any specific things that tell me I was wrong? Because I still get the "waiting for root device" error. according to I should get "jettisoning kernel linker" instead of that error. I only have the dvd and hdd connected to the computer and they are both sata. edit: I also tried with the 10.5.0 disk and got the same error. This happens after the firewire security error Can any one point me in the right direction, I feel like I hit a dead end.
  11. can you post a link to which boot132 cd worked for you. I am still having a problem with mine. awesome user name btw
  12. I tried the boot disc attached to the first post but that for some reason was not working well for me. I got a missing linux something or the other error message. I found another one that worked for me some where in the middle of this thread. That got me through to past that error but I would get stuck at "waiting for root device" error. I coudln't go anywhere from there. btw I burned that boot132 on both my windows 7 machine and my macbook and both gave me that error. Again thank you for taking the time to reply to my posts.
  13. I think Pre and Post install is what really matters, I can't get it to install from the retail cd.
  14. any1 successfully updated to 10.6 or 7?