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  1. Ok, I'm having problem after the installation of leo it keeps on rebooting. Tried other options at install and changing of kernel but no avail. System specs at my siggy.
  2. Ok, I have the same problem too. installed and formatted (primary and active partition) 3 times, still no success.
  3. so you bought it, in some sale specials? or the item was on sale?
  4. hmm, can you even access your BIOS? if not faulty Video Card? AGP Port? can you hear some beeps on your mobo?
  5. since we have the same board but you have a proc. which is Core 2 Duo so your MoBo is a ECS P4M800PRO-M PCB version 2.0, but mine is a PCB version 1.0. So when you powered up your PC, does the POST screen appears? or when you boot your DVD / OS X?
  6. [Random] 9999 Replies

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