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  1. QE Disabled (Using GFX String)

    I searched for that already, the problem is I always find results for injectors. I'm using a GFX string
  2. QE Disabled (Using GFX String)

    After I updated to 10.5.3 I have QE value as "not supported" in About this Mac. My card is 8600M GT on a Dell Laptop and I'm using a GFX string with dual monitor support working well (even after I updated). Any ideas?
  3. EFI String for 8600M GT NVIDIA

    Hi there, I Googled and searched everywhere for the correct hex (EFI string) for my NVIDIA 8600M GT card in my Inspiron 1520 laptop but I cannot find it. Can anyone please post it here or point me to a method to build it from Windows/Leopard? Thanks, Sammy P.S. By the way, can I get this laptop to work with both LCD and an extra monitor out (dual display)?
  4. Some Newbie Questions

    I hope these don't sound too dumb: I have installed iAtkos v2.0i over an existing Vista installation in a separate primary partition. To resurrect Vista I put the DVD and repaired permissions. I can now boot into Vista and I have a working installation of OS X that I cannot get to anymore! 1. How can I get back to booting from Darwin boot loader without re-corrupting my Vista booting (cannot find winloader.exe)? 2. Can I find a list of extra files that are included with iAtkos v2.0i distribution? I would like to be able to restore the system to it's "virgin" state as much as possible. 3. If I install the 10.5.3 update, will this replace all my kexts completely resulting in a complete vanilla system again? What will cease to work completely in this case? In other words, what is the minimum that I have to replace (other than dsmos.kext) to make the system functional again (assuming that I use EFI strings for everything)? Regards, Sammy
  5. ALC880 on 10.5.2

    I really hope I can make it work one day. I have a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pi1556 laptop with the following problems: 1. It's not recognized as a laptop?! The battery meter never shows! 2. I simply cannot for the life of me get that ALC880 built in sound card to work. I tried everything I found on this forum, no way. The best I could get is that it's recognized with no sound coming out of it. Where am I going wrong? Thanks, Sammy P.S. I started with a clean Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD. I tried to patch AppleHDA several times with no success. Finally I installed the 10.5.2 combo that Kalyway just released.
  6. ALC880 Audio works!!!

    Those folks with a Fujitsu Amilo Pi1556... any of you guys running 10.5.1? Does the audio work? Thank you, Sammy