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  1. peach-os Hi again, everything is running great now. But I was wondering if you would share your bus speed in about this mac, mine is 533. Have I set something wrong in Bios you think? Thanx
  2. Magus Of The Bizarre Hi I also at first tried with two 5620's, It seems that snowleopard no matter what I did was not able to boot. I think you need a hacked kernel to get westmere cpu's working. I returned mine and bought a two 5520 CPU's instead... Best of luck
  3. the Bios was reset when I installed the new CPU's, but I set Ide to AHCI and enabled Plug and Play. It still won't boot with the dsdt which disabler kext do you mean, could you make a link?
  4. Hi again I got the new CPU's today, and everything works great so far. Your dsdt gives me the good old "still waiting for boot device" error . Any idea why? Thanx
  5. I had problems with the e5620 cpu's.
  6. Thanx again, I'll let you know how it goes. Mangadj! I had the same problem, i didn't know anybody who had a 55xx cpu so I could upgrade, instead I payed a computerstore a small amount to dó the upgrade. It was done in 15 minutes...
  7. i tried that as well;-) that was the first thing i tried I talked with the guy I bought it from and he agreed to take them back, So by tomorrow I have to 5520 instead, and your method should work just fine. A couple of last questions -Which version of snow leopard did you use to install? -in you signature it says chameleon RC4 did you upgrade to that version after the install? -Are you only using Asere's boot file, or did you also install the others, and was it before or after the initial install? Thanx
  8. yes i had the cpus=1 otherwise it cannot boot into the kalyinstall I'm now trying to install with only one cpu, I don't know why it should work but i'll try anyway;-)
  9. I too have the latest bios, so that it support my cpu's (e5620). I guess snowleopard doesn't support them yet... Bad luck... And the new westmere didn't come out today as i hoped for, guess i'll either have to wait or get some new ones that are supported by snowleopard. My stupidity is going to cost me this time i guess:-( unless someone know of a way to trick snowleopard into using westmere chips. Thanx for your help anyway
  10. Thank for your reply I Will try that tomorrow. Any special version of disabler kext? I'm beginning to think that my cpu's maybe aren't compatible ... Thanx
  11. Hi Did you find a solution how to install snow leopard with 2 Xeon E5620? Thanx Carlos dk
  12. Hi again I tried with 8 GB's of RAM on stick of 4GB per CPU Same thing happened it reboots at: Starting Darwin x86_64 It goes very fast so i had to record a video on my iphone to get everything. I have also tried with the same BIOS settings as the kalyway HD + cpus=1 but the same thing happens. Would you mind taking a picture of Advanced/CPU Configuration in BIOS so I can compare it to yours? Thanks again image.tiff
  13. Ok, this really isn't my day I simply cannot get this machine to boot into snow leopard. So far I've done the Bios setup, installed kaly 10.5.2 to HD2, installed chameleon 2 to HD2, changed the bootfile to the one from chameleon 3. Installed snow leopard to HD1 installed chameleon to HD1 the same way as I did to HD2. Applied your dsdt.aml, com.apple.Boot.plist and smbios.plist to extra folder on HD1, applied fakesmc.kext and IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext to extra/extensions I've then changed the boot order and the other bios tweeks back and tried booting HD1 (snowleopard) with -v, but no luck it always stops the same place and reboots the machine. the last line says: Starting Darwin x86_64 the build: kalyway 10.5.2 for intel and amd snow leopard 10.6.0 Asus Z8D6-NA 2xE5620 Xeon cpus (2.4Ghz) 16 GB Ram Thanx
  14. Hi again I got past the problem, for some reason the chameleon 2 installer didn't work properly, so I installalled chameleon 2 manually and changed the bootfile with the one from chameleon 3. Now I'll try to follow the rest of you guide thanx
  15. Hi Peach-os Sorry if this is a stupid question. You wrote chameleon RC2 431.mpkg, do you mean Chameleon-2.0RC1-r431 ? and then use use the boot file from Chameleon RC3 658 ? So far i've installed kalyway which was easy enough, but when chameleon has finished installing and i change the boot file I cannot get chameleon to boot, i just writes some rows of numbers and stops. Any idea what i could be? Thanx