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  1. http://www.infinitemac.com/f57/guide-retai...for-g31m-t3672/
  2. greythorne, yes, it works fine but you need to fix your dsdt.aml so it doesn't reset cmos every time. Also i would stick with pcefi v9 v10 seems to give me more kps.
  3. Update 10.5.0 to 10.5.8.dmg

    I don't think I am explaining what I want clearly. My hackintosh works great. I have built 6 of them, they all work 100% at 10.5.7 and probably 10.5.8. When I install leopard on other computers, I use the 10.5.0 retail .dmg file. afterward i have to apply the 10.5.8 combo update separately. This two step process annoys me. I want to have a 10.5.8 MAC OS X Install DVD.dmg so when I install the first time, it will already have the necessary update. So I ask again, how do I update i.e. slipstream a 10.5.0 retail DVD or .dmg to include the 10.5.8 combo update. Same principal as Vista. I don't want the Vista (or 10.5.0), I want Vista SP2 (10.5.8)... get it?
  4. Update 10.5.0 to 10.5.8.dmg

    I have a fully functional 10.5.8 and snow 64 bit system so I'm not worried about that. I just want to know how to integrate the combo update.
  5. Okay, with 10.5.8 released today I think it would be prudent to update my ancient 10.5.0 "retail" .dmg. Could someone provide detailed instructions on how to create an untouched 10.5.8 retail dmg. I have attempted using Instahackintosh v1.5 but have not had much success. The second question is how do I fit the newly created 10.5.8 .dmg onto a SL DVD. Let's make it happen. -Haterade
  6. STLVNUB: I used IH 1.5 to update my 10.5.0 image to 10.5.7. I selected Chameleon as the bootloader. The DVD that was created booted w/o any problem, however it would not load the MAC OSX INSTALLER DVD that I burned. Chameleon said the DVD had no mach_kernal in Root and therefore would not boot the installer... Did I do something wrong? Where does Mach_Kernal get implemented in the DVD (Is it an input)? Do I need to manually place the mach_kernal in the root of the created os installer.iso? Should I use the 10.5.7 kernal or the 10.5.0 kernal? Thanks for all the hard work, your tool is remarkably useful to the osx86 community. -Haterade
  7. Great Work, DVD i made had no mach_kernal in Root and would not boot installer.... suggestions? -Haterade
  8. You must use the Voodoo Kernal since you have an AMD processor, you at least need to select a decrypter (dsmos) and intel cpu power management disabler aka Disabler. Do you have AHCI on in your bios? Do you have 1 hard drive? If so is it formatted as GUID or MBR? Which is different then MACOSX Journaled. http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.7#Asus Plenty of similar mobo's.
  9. Total Noob Please Help

    What motherboard do you have? What are your computers specs? This determines the kexts you need to place in Macintosh HD/ Extras /Extensions.
  10. Total Noob Please Help

    From Scratch. Partition Drive into 2 partitions - > make sure it is set as MBR 1) Leopard - Macintosh OS Journaled ( not case sensitive.) 2) Windows - Free Space Install leopard on partition 1. Install windows on partition 2. Install Chameleon 2 RC1 or RC2. Put the Kexts your motherboard needs in ~/Extra/Extensions. Better question, why the hell do you want to dual boot windows. Download Virtual Box and run a windows Virtual machine. gl
  11. Windows 7 and even Vista can natively support AHCI. Never heard of a cd not ejecting. Usually right click eject does the trick for me. Try deleting whatever program is causing the problem with Appzapper, then delete from trash and try to eject. If it's not a program, try reinstalling the efi package in uinstaller... and if that doesn't work reformat the drive. Make sure you have the latest package from weaksauces wiki. and for good measure reboot with -f to force rebuid cache.
  12. Xp and AHCI is probably not worth the extra effort. Why not just download the Windows 7 RC1? In other news, do not try to install SL on the same HD as your current Leopard OS... PCEFI9 and Chameleon conflicted and cause all sorts of problems. Also 8800GT mouse problems need to get the updated Disabler kext from Stellarola (google). The 8800GT may need a package of its own for uinstaller.... Keep working hard Weaksauce.
  13. So, I have updated to 10.5.7 and used uinstaller to install the ds3l package.... When I plug any external drives in, i.e. Thumb or regular exteral drive my system immediately kernal panics. I am guessing this is because the Kernal 9.7.0 System and Seatbelt kext are not paired correctly. My question is what version of seatbelt and system kexts are needed for 10.5.7... AND do they go in the Extra folder in the root or in the S/L/E folder? And is it possible to contribute to the wiki, I have some useful stuff that I can add. EDIT: Fixed used 10.5.6 usb kexts... what a pain. Thanks, Haterade
  14. If I were you I would download the boot 132 disk, kalyway disk etc. Boot up either the boot132 or kalyway, When you get to the install screen hit utilities - Disk utility. Reformat your drive, Master Boot Record - 3 partitions, name them mac, win, lin to keep things easy. You will obviously lose your data. -H
  15. Grey: 10.5.6 kit works fine for that board. On the drive you want to install to format MBR, 3 partitions. If you use the chameleon bootloader, you can select what partition and consequently os to boot up. Easy. Download uinstaller, install the ds3l kit and you should be good to go. The openhaltrestart.kext from psystar is included in that bundle and will fix your restart problems. Alternatively you could install the voodopower.kext but that did not work for me on my ep35.