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  1. Hi all, here my DSDT from my MB GA-P55 UD3 with tonys dsdt fixes without Speedstep information. GA_P55_UD3_DSDT_fixed.zip
  2. Try with Ubuntu and acpidump. $ sudo acpidump > acpi.dat $ acpixtract -a acpi.dat $ iasl -d SSDT.dat then you have a SSDT.dsl file.
  3. With VoodooPstate you can control you CPU how fast it run and checking Powerstates (CPU Monitor). I think sleep dont work because the driver of ATI ist still buggy. I have a NVIDIA 8800GTS and a ATI 4650. Nvidia no problems and with ATI the same issues how yours. A DSDT.dsl File is a decompiled DSDT.aml file. Because Kext look at Tonys Blog.
  4. Hi there, i add core i5 speedstep to Bansaku DSDT. Have fun. dsdt.aml.zip You can test it with VoodooPState. VoodooPState.zip
  5. I dont know. I have a Core i5. The issues with after sleep restart has gone by checking the last box in the Energy Saver by me.
  6. Tony, has you checked all box by Energy Saver?
  7. I take the DSDT File from this threat http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=192518 (Update 2). Removed the Geforce 9600 GT entry. Add PS/2 support. At Energy Saver all boxed checked. Thats all
  8. Hi there, with this DSDT file + netkas sleepenabler is sleep working on a Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3. Sry for my bad English, Im German. dsdt.aml.zip Sleepenabler is dont need.