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  1. It turned out that the VMDK file was fine. It turned out that the issue was a bios setting HPET Mode (High precision event timer) was set to 32 bit and it needed to be set to 64 bit. In Bios virtualisation or vt-d also needs to be enabled. Hope this is of use to people, VM Ware worked like a charm after this and this bios issue also affects Virtual Box which presumably uses similar methods and would also not work unless these setting are correct.
  2. Hi All, I've been having serious problems in using VMWare and simply cannot get it to boot my virtual Mac running El Capitan and after two days of fiddling am at my wit's end. I always get this (see image): I have tried various installations of VMWare but as I have an older i5 (4 core i5 750) I am restricted to using version 12. I have installed unlocker 2.08, 2.10 and 2.11 (and removed it before reinstalling) but nothing has helped, versions 2.10 and 2.11 seem to install smoothly. I have added the smc.version = "0" text to avoid another error and even tried the virtualHW.version = "10" instead of the default 12. I've checked and fiddled with everything but the virtual machine always gives that message a few seconds after the white Apple logo appears. I'm using a preconfigured .vmdk file which I downloaded. I know my machine is compatible because I created a working El Cap virtual Mac a few years ago so now think some software is causing an incompatibility. I've recently upgraded my graphics card too. As this seems to be the place were these black arts are understood, any help would be greatly appreciated. I only need the virtual Mac as I've overwritten my working El Cap Hackintosh drive to install High Sierra (successfully) then seemingly wrecked the system by installing a Nvidia card driver. The USB installer also no longer works so I can't create a new one to try again. Motherboard is Gigabyte P55 USB3 with 14GB RAM, i5 750 (4 cores). Many thanks, Frog
  3. Hi All, I'm having problems using VMWare Workstation (v 12 and 12.5) for a college project that uses Mac/iOS Software. The host machine is a quad core i5 with 14GB of RAM. I've installed El Capitan successfully (both v 10.11 and 10.11.6) and used it to build an iOS app successfully using XCode 6.4 a few months ago. Now I'm trying to build an iOS game requiring XCode 7.3.1 (Swift 2.2) but the Simulator program will not run at all even though XCode itself seems to works fine. I assume that the game engine tries to access GPU features that are not provided by VMWare and so fails to run whereas less graphically intensive programs can run with the CPU emulation only. Does anyone know if this is the case and if I should abandon my attempts to make the impossible happen? Do other versions of VMWare allow superior graphics acceleration or the ability to access the GPU hardware of the host machine? Would an alternative emulator package or a 'Hackintosh' give better graphic performance? I have installed VMWare Tools which I understand allows access to some basic GPU acceleration. This shows up as 128 MB graphics under the 'About this Mac' panel. Unfortunately this has also had the effect of making the shared folder disappear and I can's access it with the 'Go' menu or anywhere else. I've tried recreating it through the VMWare settings but with no luck. Any ideas of how to get this vital feature back? Sorry to ask so many questions but I'm finding these issues difficult to research. Thanks for your time. Bob