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  1. hi Fabio one question: Is there something you actually DONT know? your fix worked, i just had to edit GeForceGLDriver.bundle to get openCL working once again thanks a lot
  2. after updating to 10.7.3 and using "########" nvidia 5xx opencl enabler i lost reboot/shutdown ability. monitors turn off but pc stay on... anyone have lost it too after update? did you solve it somehow? i also lost sleep, but i don't need that. i just need reboot/shutdown as when i don't shutdown properly, turning computer off manually messes up my router dhcp sometimes tx
  3. hello anyone tried these edits with dual screen setup? seems my card always run in some higher mode, as power consumption in idle is 70wats higher than it is in windows 7. when i unplug the second monitor the consumption goes down. do you have any settings for such a setup please? tx
  4. i found out by comparing power usage in win7 vs lion in idle. when i use stock settings the power usage is lower, but that is to be expected as speedstep fallback speed when oced is 2.4ghz (almost stock) and it cant go lower so higher consumption is expected when oced. but when comparing windows7 and lion usage, there is 60-70 watts difference on each settings stock / oc. after testing i found out the culprit, seems like its my gfx card not going into power saving modes. even though i edited power kexts according to guides here, because of dual screen it doesn't really turn on power saving modes as it does in w7. but that is subject to different threads, not this one. tx added those lines already before posting here when i tried to find a solution, but it did not do any difference. as far as adding speedsteping options in bios i had them on all along. they never did any instability in windows for me and actually i wouldn't oc without them anyway as the gain in saving watts and cooler computer is worth it for me. I'm not hitting the oc wall so its safe to have them on.
  5. how do you confirm you speedstep is working? recently i realized my speedstep is probably not working, by monitoring watt meter. the only way to find out the frequency of cpu was this command in terminal sysctl hw.cpufrequency which always list my max frequency (3.8 in my case). the whole computer has high watt usage so i assume speedstep not working. if not, what should i try to do? ps: speedstep used to work in SL for me, i had different gfx card though
  6. clean install, update and patch according to your guide and it worked! thank you ps: link for lionize is broken in your guide
  7. update to 10.7.2 has broken my install on p6td deluxe both system update or update combo system hangs on load is there a special route i should go? didnt see anywhere any needed steps. thanks ps: can any possible future update combos be inserted into BOX folder?
  8. hi i have nvidia 560ti and nvidia 210 and i want to boot to snow leopard. I cannot put nv210 in first PCIe slot because of my case. When i boot, 560ti gets recognized but doesnt run acceleration. if i was able to disable detection of first PCIe slot, i think my second card would get detected right. i already have nv210 working EFI string (made while it was the only card in my mb), i just dont know how to disable the first slot my motherboard doesnt have bios setting for PCIe slot detection thx qbe
  9. CUDA device details: Name: GeForce GTX 560 Ti Compute capability: 2.1 Total Video Memory: 1023MB seems to work. premiere lets me choose when creating project if i want to use mercury. is there any other way to make sure everything works as it should? that gfx is used full power? tried some h.264 clips and i was expecting better results... tx
  10. anyone has experience with two different graphic cards (example nvidia 210 + 560ti) on this board? only one card running is fine, i just dont want to manually swap cards for SnowL/Lion
  11. 2 Video Cards 1st for win 2nd for OSX

    camoguy, do you think it can be done in snow leopard without editing dsdt? can the low card be located in second slot? what im aiming for is have snow leopard and lion install both on computer, i need it because of software i work with. when i boot to lion, i will you 560ti but when i boot to snowleo, some old nvidia would boot. when all of my software migrate to lion, i could abandon it, but so far i cant. do you think its possible without too much hassle ie editing dsdt as that is something i would rather not go into...
  12. P6TD Deluxe confirmed Lion working followed ErmaCs italian guide, patching audio according to first post so far so good with no apparent problems soon will try fw, sleep etc...
  13. anyone tried Fabio's developer release version method for the official release of Lion? http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n...%23entry1707404
  14. hi is anyone having the same problem like i do when i dualboot from win7 to osx or osx to win7, my monitors (dual dvi) go into sleep mode after a while, but the system boots fine into desktop. monitors stay in sleep (tried turning off, reconnecting). otherwise there is no problem with my gfx card, everything works like it should gigabyte ati 5870 (looks like reference from what i can tell but with better cooling)
  15. Final Cut Problem

    do you have working QE/CI acceleration?