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  1. After booting into Windows I could see the drive so I knew the drive was suable I followed the instructions from a previous link and created a Ubuntu Live 16.10 USB stick... however it didn’t seem to like i7700K so I then created a Ubuntu Live 17 USB and this time I was able to issue the following commands: sudo apt-get install smartmontools sudo apt-get install nvme-cli sudo smartctl -a /dev/nvme0 the result was odd... Supported LBA Sizes (NSID 0x1) Id Fmt Data Metadt Rel_Perf 0 – 512 0 2 1 - 4096 0 1 It supports 4k yet neither where marked as active. It was a brand new drive. So I then ran nvme format -l 1 /dev/nvme0 This successfully formatted the drive and changed it to an active 4k nvme drive. Rebooted to 10.12.5 and was asked to initialise the drive and now I have a working nvme drive with no patched kexts! Big thanks to WMChris!
  2. Still no joy. The drive is seen in the bios and with IOregistryexplorer...
  3. Ok Cheers... I don’t mind not using the other nvme card as it is only 128gb... the hynix is 1Tb. So just remove all traces of the hacker script and reinstall ionvmefamily... rebuild caches and that should be fine... I hope.
  4. I have the Hynix PC300 and it isnt seen in 10.2.5. I have another nvme and that is seen ok after running the NVMe RehabMan script and creating a new kext. To get the Hynix to work do I just add this to my Clover config and keep the Hacked kext or reinstall the old ionvmefamily kext? Or something else? Thanks
  5. I have the same board, however I have a few issues. The main one is that it doesn’t shut down cleanly and on restart states "not shutdown properly" error. Is it possible to post your bios and config settings so I can compare with my own. Also do you use DSDT or SSDT? Did you use a modded bios?
  6. Garbled boot 280x

    When I boot with my Asus R9 280x, all I get is garbled text. It seems it doesn’t like the Chameleon boot loader. I managed to boot using a USB stick bootloader, and have seen there is a fix on TonyM... but I was wondering whether there was a more simple solution? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Dual GPU for FCP ProX

    Now that the new MacPros support dual GPUs, has anyone got 2 gpus to work in a hackintosh (Sabertooth, 3930, 32gb). I have a GTX570 mainly used for Final Cut and Photoshop, and was wondering whether I should get another GTX570 or just upgrade the card to a GTX770 or ATI R9 280X. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I managed to get it working today. I used the Interim Realtek Ivy Bridge Lion AppleHDA and then installed the HDAEnabler892.kext only from MB 4.6.1. I also had to remove the HDAEnabler1 which MB 5 installed.