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    Mac Pro Resurrection

    Hi I have an ageing Mac Pro A1289 (5.1). When stripped down to the motherboard and (bare) processor card the diagnostics are fine. When the processor card is populated with a single processor, the front panel light flashes and the machine fails. How do I find the cause of the issue? If this is due to a matched pair of processors not being fitted, how does the system know this on the basis of only one processor?
  2. martinlangley

    File Recovery

    HI all A question should be a doddle for you guys but I'm a newbie to both Mac and Hackintosh so I'm sure you're all way ahead of me! I have Logic Pro running (very well) under Snow Leopard on a (quick!) Acer box. For reasons unexplained I put all my music work files on a USB for safekeeping (!) Now this has become corrupted and the OS cannot see the files. I have tried an assortment of Mac recovery softwares but either they get half way and then ask for money, or look like they work but then don't. Anybody know of a good reliable file recovery package for Snow Leopard which I can download as a freebie? Ta, you guys are great. ML