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  1. Want 10.4.8? Think you 'have' 10.4.8? It's out!

    If I have a Intel sse2 machine will I still need this dvd ??? or will a sse2 dvd be released in the future ??? thanks secondly I would like to ask, does all the software works 100% on such a hacked osx system ??? or are there certain softwares that does not work or are somewhat crippled in certain places ???
  2. OSX not working for me at all

    it seems like there are a lot of problem trying to get os x to work on my laptopz too much problems and too much hassle ... i have given upz and reformetted my laptop and install windowz afresh ... no more os x for me ... thanks for all your help ... good luck to the rest ...
  3. the cursor is not even spining at all ... i can just see a black arror pointer and thats it ... no rainbow spinning cursor even ...
  4. sorry for being blur but what oah files ??? i applied the jas 4.2b patch and thats all
  5. so I have got PAE now the problem is why do i get the blue screen and cursor while nothing else works ??? anyone ???
  6. well this is what i did 1. i got the 8f1111 dmg image, converted it to iso, then applied the jas 4.2b patch, burned it to dvd and booted off it everything works until i got to this blue screen with a mouse cursor ... nothing works after that ... only the mouse cursor moves about the blue screen ... 2. i then added the nonx kernel to my iso image and booted it with vmware everytime i booted off the iso image vmware would complain that the os is trying to use PAE which i dont have on my pentium M bianas 1.4 ghz system ... so i went over to #osx86 and the folks there tell me that its a no go trying to get 8f1111a to install on a Pentium M bianas coz the PAE is broken ??? i was told by the folks at #osx86 that I need PAE on my system to do 8f1111a ??? anyone ??? Thanks ...
  7. I was told that if your system does not have PAE you cannot do 8f1111 ??? is this true ??? OH WOE !!!
  8. How can I add some files into an ISO image ???

    how come when i copy the kernel image over ... i can see the image being copied in transmac but when i mount the iso using daemon tools the kernel image is not there ???
  9. How can I add some files into an ISO image ???

    erm can you show me the step by step method to add the kernel using transmac ??? i double click on the iso image and transmac tried to get windows to open the iso file ???
  10. According to Maxxus :- Once you have your patched kernel file, give it a meaningful extension, e.g. "mach_kernel.test", or use just "mach_kernel" if you want to overwrite the default kernel. Now copy your kernel file to the root folder ("/") of your 10.4.3 8F1111 system or ISO file. I have been trying for days to add the kernel files to my iso image but all is a no go ... can someone please help ???
  11. 10.4.3 problem on VMware 5.5 !!!

    I found out the problem and the solution to the problem ... I just hit another birck wall ... well it seems that maxxuss has solved the problem for us ... there is a kernel for 8f1111 that has no PAE ... i think it is called Maxxuss_Kernel_SSE3-Emulator4.2b_NoNX_CPUID_10.4.3_8F1111_raw-v2.zip the "NoNX" part of the kernel means no PAE ... you will have to copy the contents of this .zip file into the root or "/" folder of your iso image but the problem is this ... i cannot seem to be able to copy the kernel file into my iso image ... i used magiciso ... but for some unknown reason ... when saving the image, magiciso also removes the boot sector of the iso image ... rendering the whole iso image totally useless !!! maybe you can try to solve this puzzle too ...
  12. can someone please tell me how I can copy some kernel files into my iso image ??? thanks ... magiciso works ... but for some reason ... when saving my image to disk magiciso also removes the boot information ... making the iso image non bootable
  13. paging for ripcord ...

    thank you !
  14. 10.4.3 problem on VMware 5.5 !!!

    i am running vmware 5.5 on my win xp pro on my pentium banias 1.4 gig system i keep getting this error message VMWARE workstation internal monitor error bug 9297 the guest os you are running us using physical address extension PAE processor option for more info please visit www .... so i visited the www site and added the line paevm = "TRUE" to my .vmx file But the problem is that I still get the error ???