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  1. I've been wondering why the heck my new 7900GS nvidia card will not work and have just discovered that I have no GeForce.kext in my extension folder. Brand new AMD install.
  2. Swad's MacBook won't Charge

    When we called ours in last night, the tech was like "Yeah, we've been getting a lot of these in recently" I will never learn to leave the first gen alone. Its just so much fun!
  3. Swad's MacBook won't Charge

    Funny, my wife's macbook just developed the same problem. Back to Apple it goes.
  4. An upside to the MBP heat

    All of us with new Macbooks keep telling ourselves that!
  5. MacBook or MBP?

    I'd certainly agree that if you're leaning toward a MBP, you ought to wait--I think we'll see some real significant changes in the nrar future. If you're thinking MB, though, I'm not sure what you would need to wait on. It is true that in 6 months, there are likely to be faster versions of the MB, but that is nearly always the case. As long as you're happy with the current form factor and the current speed is acceptable to you, go for it. YMMV, of course.
  6. MacBook or MBP?

    I was asking myself the exact same question two weeks ago: I went with the macbook for a number of reasons. 1. I have a gaming pc and for me the only reason for dedicated graphics is gaming really. 2. My desktop machine is where I do most of my photography work, so the extra screen space didn't matter. 3. I'm of the opinion that the current MBP is a transitional model and I hate buying a Mac model to have it entirely replaced in a month or two. 4. While the macbook is not free of first gen problems, the MBP seems to still be really plagued by them. 5. I like the styling of the MB better than the MBP 6. All that said, the $700 starting looking like a whole lot of $. They are both great machines, you just have to figure out what works best in your situation.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 I'm moving into using my macbook more these days and don't need to larger LCDs. Works with an x300 and Callisto 003!!
  8. Got a Macbook

    Yeah, there sure is. After two months it actually becomes invisible, just like Precious.
  9. I am as guilty of this as anyone, I know, but the truth is that mac people tend to have a very short memory as far as problems with macs go. Just in portables alone, there have been some MAJOR apple hardware problems over the years. Anyone else have a TiBook that started sheding white paint after a couple of weeks? Apple also identified that as cosmetic, and didn't do anything about it, though clearly the wear started WAY too soon on many machines. What about the Wallstreet hinge problem? I saw carefully used Wallstreets blowing out hinges after 6 months. Imagine the screen of your $2700 laptop (cause that was the base price) falling off after 6 months of nice use, knowing a zillion others were having the same problem, and Apple never acknowledging it was a hardware flaw. That sucked.
  10. Got a Macbook

    Okay, here's the deal: I tend to pay too much attention to this, if I'm not carefull. So I don't run CoreTemp all the time or I'd sit there and wonder if X degress was too hot etc. I just fired it up and I'm sitting at 54c and the laptop has been running all day--very light load for the last hour with just web surfing etc. Is that too hot? I dunno, its not hot to the touch on the keyboard or underneath--I would have zero problem setting it in my lap. The fan does not come on until 80c I think, and it gets to that point when doing something super processor intensive for a few minutes. Running a bunch of photoshop filters does it. The fans drop the temp quickly and don't stay on for long. They run no more often than they did on my TiBook 1ghz. FWIW, one of the first things I did when I got it was to run some proc. intensive stuff and see if it was throttling the processor beacuse of hitting high temps--this was something I saw reported. I never observed this on mine doing real world applications. Bottom line? It runs warmer than my DV4000, but I don't find it anywhere near unacceptable. Its also a whole lot more powerful and thinner and that would account for more heat. Will the extra heat cause earlier failure? Time will tell I suppose.
  11. intel powermac

    No kidding: bad ass. Thanks!
  12. Got a Macbook

    Yeah, I can deal with a processor upgrade for the Macbook--I think for my mobile needs, the 1.8 core duo is a good bit more than I actually need. The MBP, on the other hand, has always reminded me of the first Powerbook g3 (kanga). You know when the debuted the G3 chip they released what I think is still the most expensive mac laptop--it was just a Powerbook 3400 with a g3 chip shoved in it. A mere 7 months later they scrapped that model for the REAL new G3, our beloved Wallstreet. Best laptop ever if you ask me. But anyway, Apple certainly has a history of shoe-horning the new architecture into an old case while they redesign the real deal. I was not overly tempted by the MBP (in part because the MB is so damn good), but I'm sure the redesign will be super-nice. Or, maybe things are going as many pundits seem to be suggesting: maybe apple has turned its focus where the money is in the consumer market. Its hard to argue with the fact that they seemed to work harder at making the MB 'revolutionary' as opposed to 'evolutionary.' BTW Munky, Aperture runs quite nicely on the MB--I'm piping it to my 1600x1200 Samsung LCD for serious editing sessions.
  13. Got a Macbook

    Thanks guys! It really is amazing how much computer the macbook is for the price (especially if you get the educational discount). I was at Best Buy last night and took a stroll around the laptop isle (something I usually do). In both aesthetics AND simple processing power, the macbook blows away nearly everything sitting on the shelves. Yeah, desktops are another story though. Apple's pro-tax has always been pretty outrageous and I'm with Bofors on this one: while having a nice looking tower may be nice, it is pretty much the bottom of the list in terms of importance. I'll take my ugly hackintosh rig which goes very nicely under my desk. I went round and round about getting the Pro or not. I ended up deciding I didn't really need the additional things the Pro offered, especially in light of the problems people are still having. I hate when I get an Apple product and it is seriously upgraded within a month or two: I'm guessing that this revision of the Macbook is here for awhile, and I'm also guessing the Pro was a transitional model and will get an upgrade with the launch of the new processors.
  14. Got a Macbook

    Man I have no idea why I feel the need to post this here, but after all that hackintoshing, I finally broke down and bought a Macbook this weekend. My wife was replacing her ageing iBook with a Macbook and I realized that my DV4000 was worth a large fraction of another Macbook. Before I knew what was happening we were headed home with 2 of these suckers. Serious freakin reality distortion field. But maaaaaan is it nice. And the first time system updated popped up, it sure as hell was fun clicking "install them all!" So I guess this is why Apple doesn't come down harder on the OSX86 endeavor? Somehow I went from "never buying another apple product" (last year after a BAD mini experience--which is why I have the dv4000) to typing this on a macbook. They put crack in OSX.
  15. WoW for cheap Hackintosh

    Plays very well on both my hackintoshed listed in my sig. Full screen no artifacts etc etc.