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  1. iMac G4

    yeah the magic button has revived our aging G4 towers many a time. Those suckers lock up on boot once or twice a week now. Getting to the point that they'd be better off in a landfill. That being said my dad still uses his G3 iMac DV with no issues at all. You might try a legit apple keyboard, I know my windows keyboard isn't recognized by OSX until I do the little profiling deal on a fresh install. Could be that the location of the apple key (on a generic keyboard) is set after OSX loads, which would make flashing the pram mighty difficult.
  2. Logitech G5 mouse in Leopard

    I've got one. It works. If the interface of USBOverdrive is too annoying you'll just have to live without the extra buttons.
  3. Windows is only as secure as the user. That being said, I don't have any trouble with my hackintosh. Up and running since feb of 08, and not a single crash. The same is hardly true of the two Mac pro's at work though. Those suckers have MORE problems than any computers I've owned to date, osx86 or XP/Vista. USB keyboard randomly cuts out, software randomly corrupts, and a healthy number of grey screens keeps me from wanting to drink Mac's koolaid.
  4. Why are iPod's so popular?

    Well it was the first, it got us all used to using iTunes to sync, and it's got a good design. It'll take more than a few measly features to make people switch from the iPod... even if they do die every couple years, requiring us to buy the newest ones.
  5. well their EULA tries to tell me in no uncertian terms that I can't use it on anything aside from apple hardware. To the best of my knowledge that's a monopoly, and as we all saw with Microshaft, it's not legal here. Now Apple isn't doing anything to prevent me from "fixing" thier OS to run on any hardware, so I doubt they'll be getting sued over it any time soon, and since they legally can't force me to use their overpriced hardware... I won't. That's all I meant.
  6. I'm comparing my single cpu to both of the dual cpu mac pros in our studio. In real world usage It's faster than the 2X dual core xenon, and as fast as the 2x quad core xenon. In geek bench it destroys the dual core mac pro, but is beat out by a fair margin by the quad core mac pro. But that's geek bench. I've seen no difference in actual performance, which may be due to the fact that none of the programs are really tough enough to stress even 4 cores, let alone 8. Now I'm sure there is some program out there that will utilize 8 cores to the fullest, but I've yet to run into it. Also, I don't consider resale a "value" and I wouldn't buy a G5 for more than $100. The case is cool, the innards are weak and apparently prone to fail if you've got one of the water cooled systems. A G4 is so laughably slow at everything from email to web browsing it hurts to use the one we've got up in the front office (a quick silver.) I use my computers until they die. I've still got a socket A machine running a little file server in my house. So being able to recoup some of the rediculous price isn't an isue for me.
  7. QE not working on 10.5.3 on 8800GT

    Strings worked for me. Just followed this tutorial to the letter, and badabing CI &QE back. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=91755
  8. If a mac pro is what you wanted, and it is what you bought... what is there to fault with that? The only point was that to me (important bit there) a real mac doesn't hold up well in a "value" based comparison with a rig I can build. Obviously we place different weights on different features. That said there are some facts that can't be argued, mainly that for the cost of a mac pro, one can build a "hack pro" that is as powerful and has more trimmings. Like I said, you either buy into the mac, or you don't. Neither answer is wrong there, just don't go thinking you've got something that nothing else can compare to.
  9. As soon as I saw that leopard was going to work I bought a copy at the nearest apple store. Their EULA means absolutely nothing here in the US, but that doesn't mean it's ok to steal from them.
  10. Just to jump on the dog pile, a "real" mac isn't any faster than a pc equivalent. In fact, if you measure value, macs are rather weak. For the cost of a mac pro (bare bones, or with all the trimmings) I can build a faster pc. My lowly hack, listed in my sig, cost me about $900 to build, and it's faster than a real quad core mac pro (2x dual core xenon) and it gives about the same performance as our 8 core mac. All while costing far less, with more ram, a better graphics card, and more hd space. So no, your real deal, ultra high performance, snazzy cased mac pro isn't much better than my pc, and mine cost way less, allowing me to buy important things, like soap, haircuts, and some nice lacoste polos. Oh and as to the service bit, my computers come with a life-time warranty at no cost, with live, local, support that knows what the hell is going on. I can replace any component in my pc for less than the cost of apple care. Not to mention I could replace every component in my rig two times over without costing as much as a real mac. So the whole "great service" approach doesn't really hook me. I see it's value if you don't know anything about computers, but I'm guessing that doesn't apply on a forum dedicated to a hacked up operating system.
  11. McCain is a loon

    Have the two of you bothered to read his book? Or maybe watched just a few of the short clips of his "mentor" that are on various sites like youtube? Wright is pretty clearly the kind of guy who needs to be knocked upside the head with a hard object. Or maybe racism doesn't work both ways? Is it only fat white guys in hoods who qualify as racists now? Because the last time I checked wright is every bit as hateful, he just hasn't killed anyone that I know of.
  12. McCain is a loon

    yeah maintain a cool and racist temperament. Obama is a pile of {censored}, I wish he'd crawl back to whatever backwards part of Il. he came from. Let me break it down for you: He is one of two things: Either he's a racist pile of {censored} and needs be to booted out of public office. OR he's being honest, and he qualifies as one of the least observant people since terry shaivo, in which case he really has no place running a country. I've never seen his scumbag pastor in my life, and I can tell you without a doubt he's an idiot and a racist. He's been mentored by the guy for 20 years, takes recordings of his sermons to listen to on the road... but he had no idea the guy was a racist?! just dumb. Maybe we can get kkkramer to run for office next, make a good vp for obama.
  13. The problem is: they don't work any better than a PC with similar components. You are buying into design and koolaid when you buy a mac. That simple, it either appeals to you or it doesn't. That's also part of why they hold their value better, you aren't paying for performance, you're paying for the looks. A PC is outdated pretty fast, but the looks of an iMac stay current for a couple years.
  14. McCain is a loon

    No doubt about it, McCain sucks almost as bad as anything the democrats have had to offer for the past 50 years. I don't think I'll vote this time around, just can't bring myself to give support to any of these raging cretins running for office.
  15. #@%*! NewEgg

    Yeah they do state pretty clearly that open box items don't come with anything other than the bare bones item. Never had any trouble with newegg at all, but then I never take a gamble on open box items.