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  1. Source code from China

    I'd like to share it with you if I've got one.But I don't have one account either. go to http://en.pudn.com/ (the english version of that site),maybe you'll find some more help.The simplest way is to resgister a VIP account.Yet the charge is somewhat expensive...no idea...
  2. Source code from China

    well,u can say like this 您好(hello) 请问您是否还留有v12.rar 无线网卡 802.11b/g 54M pci文件的存档?(do you still keep a copy of****) 我现在非常需要它(I'm in great need of it),如果您有的话,能否通过电子邮件传给我一份?(if u do,would u like to mail***) mostly like that.In fact I'm a Chinese.You are welcome.
  3. Source code from China

    well I guess I can help.the key part is this: 欢迎光临程序员联合开发网(www.pudn.com),目前源码总数391662,今日更新485个. 【下载中心】 您当前还不能下载源码,您必须上载5个C或Java的好源码站长审核后才能下载(如果已上载请等待2小时后再试,查看您的上载日志, 初学者如何在线阅读源码)。也可以【立刻开通VIP会员】。您是愿意继续在门外观望,还是愿意进来享受这里的一切?请【上载源码】,站长审核后会开通您的帐号。Pudn大家庭欢迎您的加入!有疑问【请留言】。 it means that u have to upload 5 'good' source code in C or Java,and,after they r checked,u can start ur downloading. or register as a VIP,seems impossible...
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I've tried the Sigmatel 9228 on Dell 1420(GM965),but failed anyway...it shows the volumn icon,but no sound comes out at all... Would you tell me how to make paches to the kexts?