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  1. I write a Vista driver for Intel Mac IR device

    Will this only work with the official Apple remote, or does this let you use a MCE remote with it?
  2. MacDrive 6 and partitions

    This post fixed my problem perfectly. Thanks for all the replies everyone. It's great being able to access my HFS+ partition finally... especially since I don't have ethernet drivers in OS X and it takes forever to transfer files via wifi, so now I can boot windows and transfer large files on the OS X partition.
  3. MacDrive 6 and partitions

    If you have one hard drive that is partitioned into NTFS and HFS+, can MacDrive see the HFS+ partition when running windows from the NTFS partition on the same drive? The reason I ask is this is my setup and I can't seem to get it to see the HFS+ partition, yet it sees external HFS+ drives fine. Anyone have any suggestions, or is it not suppose to? I thought I heard about people using MacDrive 6 on MacBooks using Boot Camp.
  4. Installing on a thinkpad

    I think the whole sleep problem is because it can't communicate properly with the graphics card. If you put it into sleep mode, the hard drives spin down, but nothing else... Also I have a big problem with the intel speed stepping with the laptop, as in it doesn't work. If you boot it up without it plugged into a wall, it gets locked at 800 MHz even if you plug the power in later. Similarly if you unplug the power, you're stuff at your max clock speed, killing your battery. 1400x1050x24 works fine for me as hardware acceleration goes, but I still have some issues with 3-D programs.
  5. Security Update 2006-2 v.1.1

    Nope, no AMD system. I'm trying to copy my user folder to my iPod right now, lol. I think I'm the only one reporting problems at the moment...
  6. Security Update 2006-2 v.1.1

    Sorry, more info: Was from a fresh 10.4.5 install from the demoid disc on a T43 Thinkpad laptop. Did the security update via Pacifist, and copied over the decypted loginwindow via booting with -s and following Maxxuss's instructions... (worked with the other security patches). I swear I didn't see it ask for the loginwindow when I installed it via pacifist, so I copied over the login window manually after it wouldn't boot. The updater I downloaded was through the Apple website, and not through software updates, btw. What are the usual permission troubleshooting with -s that you are referring to? Right now I just changing my system version to 10.4.3 in the systemversion.plist and am going to do an upgrade install from the DVD. Edit - {censored}, looks like the plist thing isn't working, can't do an upgrade.
  7. Security Update 2006-2 v.1.1

    I'm having an issue, after the update it's locking on startup at: AppleAC97CodecAD198x: 2-to-4 channel spreading enabled. I replaced the loginwindow with Maxxuss's, and even did a "update_prebinding -root / -force" from -s mode, but nada. It won't boot with -x either. Anyone have any suggestions? Every security update has worked great prior to this one for me.
  8. New ATI Drivers

    Try 1400x1050x24
  9. Bump, how exactly did you do it?
  10. Atheros Network Drivers

    Worked great on my T43, thanks!
  11. I don't think you can get the volume keys to work, since they require software. Does your sleep mode work?
  12. Do you happen to know what the problem originates from? Is it just because 1440x1050 is an unsupported resoution? Or is it a VESA 2.0 thing?
  13. Atheros Network Drivers

    So was it the 73P4301 you ordered? And it works fine from the GUI?
  14. Has anyone with this edit successfully gotten 1400x1050 to work on a screen?
  15. 10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    I'm pretty sure this is still an issue. I partitioned my drive with partition magic, then I ran the 10.4.5 install DVD. It wouldn't recognize the drive, so I used disk utility to re-partition my drive and installed OS X on it, then installed Windows XP on the 2nd partition after. Pretty much my drive is completely screwed up and no partition program can even read it now without erroring. I'd really like some advice on how to install OS X and XP on the same drive on two different partitions, preferably with OS X on the first partition... like what program to partition it and to install which OS in which order. Apparently OS X it didn't like partition magic. Edit - And just to clarify, this 10.4.5 DVD is just the 10.4.4 DVD with the ppf patch that's going around... I patched it and it worked fine besides the disk utility problems.