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  1. it sounds like you might not have the correct device id, i ran into this when i was trying to get the proper device id for my wifi adapter (the 802.11 wifi mini-adapter) in linux i was pulling up 168c however the dev id that worked in osx was 58c. so i'd suggest doing some deep digging for the proper device id. as aposed to say just lspci
  2. syslogd consuming 100% of CPU

    This is a general OS issue, not just an OSx86 (hackintosh) issue. here is your fix: sudo nano /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.syslogd.plist after line #23 add two additional strings (these make sure that the syslogd logger only write emergency errors to the system log. #23 <string>/usr/sbin/syslogd</string> #24 <string>-c</string> #25 <string>0</string> Optionally you can also cap the log file to a certain file size using: #23 <string>/usr/sbin/syslogd</string> #24 <string>-c</string> #25 <string>0</string> #26 <string>-db_max 2500000</string> This should help with the problem greatly, the issue here is that syslog is set to warn you/your admin of every little issue, which is great for debugging but bad when you're running poorly written/configured/incompatible applications. i'm sure that the many hackintosh users (myself included) run into this issue a bit more then regular mac users because of a lack of driver/software support. anyhow, once you've done this just reboot and you should be all better. Thanks to everyone who works hard to get our hackintoshes in tip top shape so that we too may enjoy a quality enthralling and beautiful OS
  3. Hey guys This is my experience with OSx86 on a Lenovo ThinkPad z61m, as there are many different configurations of the z61m i doubt my settings and install method will work on all, if you look at the bottom of your laptop you will see a sticker which gives you the "Type" "Product ID" and "S/N" if yours says: "Type: 9450-A38" then you have the exact same setup as i do, and _everything that i include_ should work. if you have a different model you'll likely have to edit my kext file, if you need help with it see me on irc (information below) VIDEO:gma 950 (intel graphics) - no artifacts, hardware acceleration works beautifully. no graphics issues so far. CPU: T2300e core duo cpu. if you've got the 9450-A38 setup then you too have a 1.66mhz dual core cpu with sse3 and sse2 support. OSx seems to fly on this system as aposed to vista or even debian. RAM: i've upgraded my ram from the stock 1gb to 2.5gb's of 667mhz DDR2, although in OSX i've yet to see the ram use peak ~750MB's AUDIO: The intel HDA onboard audio works with the "Azlia_out" module which is included in the kalyway install DVD (check it in the "Customize" menu of the installer) it works fine (all be it without input, which would be nice seeing as osx has some really awesome studio software...) KEYBOARD,TRACKPOINT,TOUCHPAD: I have my touchpad disabled(its a bios option;vi haven't a clue why you'ed use it when you have access to the awesomeness that is a trackpoint) so i haven't tested it, but i see no reason it shouldn't work perfectly. the trackpoint works as expected and there are no real input issues to speak of. The keyboard on the other hand works as a whole, but some of the FN key options do not work as i have yet to get apm support working (dimming the screen) the mute and volume buttons do work but osx does not show changes on the screen. TIP(for you windows folks): Alt = Command, Winkey = Option. DVD+-RW/CD-RW: Works in full without issue. HDD: the included hitachi hdd works fine and suffers no performance issues. WIFI: Never was there a bigger issue it appears... Especially with a laptop, i am however glad to report that those of us with the 9450-A38 have the atheros wifi pcie card which works beautifully in osx, it is very simple to get it working, However i shall spare you the ins and outs (if you'ed like to know its been written up quite a bit, search the forums) and provide you with my IO80211Family.kext (see attachments below...) After you've extracted my kext, drag and drop it into /System/Library/Extentions/ the system will ask you to authenticate the file and then ask for your password. now that you're done with that, we have one more file to work with, i've also included my "NetworkInterfaces.plist" file (attached below) extract it and drag and drop it to: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ (i haven't done this drag and drop so it may or may not prompt you for it, if it does just follow along.) now go ahead and run the DiskUtility and "repair permissions." Once you're done with that it is time to reboot. once the system is back up you will not automatically have network, click on the system preferences application and go to "Network" it should now list AirPort as well as Firewire, click on Airport, now if you click the "turn airport on" button it may or may not work, as i recall it didn't for me, not to fear, click on the "Assist Me" button, and then the "Assistant..." button (not diagnostics) follow through and it should prompt you to enable your airport, "ZOMG! IT WERKS", you should also be able to turn it on and off then on from the wifi icon. also i have no issues with selecting a default network, all settings are remembered. it is 100% functional on my system. APM: This doesn't seem very important until you're on the road lol, OSX kills battery faster then a fat kid eats cake, until we find a fix i suggest dual booting. ******************************************************************************** Just repaired the apm issue (fully functioning), see: http://gsbd41316.wordpress.com/2006/08/01/...attery-display/ Dual Booting: this is very simple, like any other dual boot setup i've done, i choose to install OSX with the MBR option; it worked fine for me. this does however rewrite your MBR so after i installed and configured OSx i booted up with a gentoo cd, mounted my linux partitions and reinstalled grub (after editing my menu.1st file to show OSX, see any docs for dual booting to see how to edit said file): reboot, and HAZZAH! we have debian and OSx86. I use debian while mobile and osx when plugged in to get around the apm issue, also, OSX works fine with ext3 but there is no reiserfs support so keep that in mind when setting up your linux' hope someone else finds this helpfull, thanks to kalyway and all of the other folks who made this awesome operating system available to all of us, even the broke students anyone who wishes to speak more can get me on irc at irc.sorcery.net #beos IO80211Family.kext.zip NetworkInterfaces.plist.zip