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  1. my machine is running slow as balls

    ok there was a power outage last night, and my computer is now running normally again how odd. haha...
  2. i've tried searching for a solution to my problem, but it seems like my search criteria are too broad... basically, my hackintosh (kalyway 10.5.1) has been running smooth as butter since installation, but last week it froze up and required a reboot. ever since, even the most mundane tasks (like dock magnification) eats up ridiculous amounts of cpu cycles... it seems like one core is taking almost all the load, even though i'm running a q6600 (core2quad). also, my hdd-access led is blinking once every second or so. i'm not getting ANY sort of error messages, so i'm pretty much clueless as to how to diagnose the problem. anybody have any ideas on what could be wrong w/ my system? i checked all the BIOS and system profile settings, and they seem to be fine... i'm pretty much desperate to avoid a re-format, haha any help whatsoever is greatly greatly appreciated. D:
  3. Panaramic Shots?

    i've been doing a LOT of panoramic shooting lately... all shot w/ nikon d70s + sigma 10-20; stitched w/ either ptgui or hugin
  4. wmp54g v 4.1

    another bump for a possible solution to this i'm also using the WMP54G 4.1 with no success