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  1. Hi. Let start by saying I have 2 Macs and a Hackintosh running already, and I want to build a more compatible easier to update Hackintosh, but at the same time I'd like it to be fast as possible within a budget. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a brand and/or a specific model number of board to get. Extraneous Info: Initially, I built my PC that tuned into a hackintosh to be a good fast XP machine. It worked fine but XP was the problem. It liked to be slow and pokey -- it was stable (so I knew the hardware was good) but god awful SLOW (compared to my G5). I decided to see if I could install OS X on it. So I came here and read, and read, and read some more. Until I only had a few questions. I got it working in a few days worth of actual effort. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't buy an NForce Chipset board. Thus I'm looking for recommendations on what the best chipset to buy would be. And if you'd like, why? Thanks for your time and help. (And yes I know the right answer is "buy a real Mac," I just happen to have a DVD Recorder, an older Core 2 Duo, a HD or two and a case laying around taking up space, so I thought I might as well make another frankenstein.)
  2. oh I read correctly and I did read the whole post. I knew it'd give me problems going in -- during install I disabled it, and knew the odds of getting it to work were against me. I'm going to try anyway, but I'll bug someone else for help in that arena. If I can't get it working, then I'll just buy a 3rd party card... If I remember correctly you made a few card recommendations earlier in the thread. (Or I read that somewhere on the forum.) I used the iAtkos r3 installer (it's in my sig). I'll try the Kalyway 0.5.2 once I can track it down per your suggestion. Basically, I wasn't asking for help, I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks!!!!, and let people know if you follow the right steps, and remember to properly format your drive, it works! I hope to continue to develop my x86 chops and help out in the future. Okay, back to luking. Thanks once again for making a great guide.
  3. Thanks Mysticus, I got it running tonight. and it has yet to crash. Onboard ethernets not working... reading that thread tomorrow and my monitor resolution is only 1024X768... but it booted. I must have missed the part where you said to format the HD using MBR not GUID because that was hanging me up all this time... (EDIT: MBR works but it's not the preferred method. I was having boot problems I sorted out later.) Anyway thanks for your help, even though you didn't have to answer any of my stupid questions.
  4. Injecting Drivers Into an Install DVD

    ObsidianX: Thanks for the tutorial. I bookmarked it a while ago and refer to it whenever I need to.
  5. 10.5.2

    Yeah how dare they try to protect their interests! Congrats to all that made the update. {I'm still workin on getting anythin to work (don't worry I won't bug anyone untill I follow guides).} In case, you're just tuning in, the upgrade instructions and what you have to save are already are in this thread. Read the whole thing.
  6. Yes I'm aware of the HCL. I read that before I began. There's no info on my board, but searching the forums I've found people that list the NForce6 Chipset as one that they've successfully installed on. I think one person has it running on the EVGA version of the 680i board. All the forum topics I've seen have not mentioned installing on a SATA drive. They've mentioned getting SATA working once there is an install. But none list SATA drives used during the install. Either they don't mention the type of drive or the documents are so old it was befor the medevil success, and they specifically list PATA or every reference to system specs list PATA as the HW OS X is installed is on. I'll go ask the SATA topic, and he NForce topics and leave the Kalyway topic alone since it's more general purpose anyway. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Not to harsh out on you but there's a few problems with this thread. In the beginning of this thread there's no list of supported hardware, nor a list of unsupported HW. I don't think that could be accomplished though. It's all hey look do this, without listing the prerequisities. The guide link is a bit lower. So yeah you're going to get a ton of questions on this thread.* The person who started the thread is obviously not a techincal writer so there's some missing info in it leading to the following. I'm a very experienced computer user and I would not undertake any of this lightly. I agree most of these questions are answered, but there's 100 + pages ot get your answer -- the search function of these web boards is pretty bad, and the sticky on this subject makes it rise ot the top of the heap, thus attracting the newbie posts. I read for two days but there's so much lame chaff it's very hard to gather information you need because the quides are ou of dayte. There is no x86 10.5.1 install wiki that I've seen to date. I asked a very specific question listing my config and what I tried and got silence, not simply that it didn't work. I've since got it instaled by buying a PATA drive but the boot time is probably going ot be in the tens of hours judging from the speed at which it loads each driver. *The problem with this thread though is a lot simpler to fix, but will be a ton of work for the moderator. The guides need ot be stickied andthe threads locked. Also, just sticky a new thread that rises to the top with a list of common problems and solutions to problems, when someone asks, answer and update the sticky. After a little while the most common questions will be answered. Mine could have been handled by the following: Q: Will the install of the Kalyway work TO SATA drives. Answer: "No. you must first install to a PATA drive then update your driver with the medevil SATA driver." Q: What is the cause of a very slow boot? (See below for system specs) Symptoms: Booting with -s does not work, it's not even getting to that stage.... It's loading drivers at about 1 every 15 seconds. I'm thinking it's enabled HW in the BIOS, even though everything but the Ethernet controlers are off. Anyone jump in at all thanks. Better yet I'm going to go do more reading and post whne I can get more symptoms or I figure it out. (A moderated newbie forum for the install would be best, but it would probably be exhausting dealing with "It won't work" all day.) Thanks guys.
  8. Writers' Strike Is Over!

    Colbert does too good of a job playing a right wing pundit. He's less funny than Limbaugh was, and Limbaugh was serious. DS I thought was pretty good considering. But I gotta agree, Conan's better without writers!
  9. Question (I've been reading the forum for days trying to find the answer): Can the Kalyway install DVD read/write SATA drives? I've been looking on the forums and it suggests it can, but then I see something about having to first format in FAT32, or that I have to make a 128GB or smaller first partition. So, I'm uncertain. I want to install to a fresh HD. I finally got the right BIOS settings to get to the install screen (booting with -x and cpus=1 {disabled he second CPU in my BIOS}), but when I try to install it gives me an error saying it could not copy a file to the drive. When I try to partition it, it gives me an IO error. I'm assuming the SATA drives are read only, even though it says read/write in the Apple HD Utility. I tried injecting a new AppleNForceATA.kext from Dec 31st into the Kalyway DVD, burned it and tried the install and I get the same error. I'm currently DLing the Zephiroth DVD (It's going to take anywhere from another day to a few hours -- BT! =\ ), hoping this one has the right SATA drivers. I have a few other questions about if I have to install the NVInject drivers since I have a 8800GTS, and what sound and ethernet drivers I need to install/inject if any. If no one can help with that, I'll ask in the 680i topic, but I figured I need ot know about installing ot SATA first. If not, could I re-enable my FW (1394a) post and buy an external enclosure for it and try to install to that? Big thanks to anyone that bothers to answer this.