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  1. 8600GT slow & bad graphics in OS X

    I reinstalled iDeneb and now with no video drivers because I wanted to use EFI but now I got a black screen in every mode, someone who can help me with this?
  2. 8600GT slow & bad graphics in OS X

    Hello, I tried to install iDeneb 1.3 on my laptop (Acer Aspire 5920) works fine now when I use "-x" command so in safe mode it is good. When I try to start it normally it loads but then the graphics are loading so slow and then it just freezes. The sound is still playing and I think the computer and OS X is running but the graphics wont work. Can someone help me solve this problem? Yours, Matthijs
  3. How to find out which sound-card I got?

    Thanks, I downloaded the file and put it in the Extensions map. I restarted the computer and It isnt working. Probably I have to do more things but I dont know which because I`m new to Mac OSX Greetings.
  4. How to find out which sound-card I got?

    Thanks again, but I searched for 15 minutes and all the tutorials are for specific sound cards but I cant find one for my card. Is it possible to give me a link? Greetings Matthijs.
  5. How to find out which sound-card I got?

    Sound Driver C Media AZA onboard AC 97 soundchip. Is what I`ve found, is it possible to get this one working on Mac OSX?
  6. Hello, I`m new here. I want to find out which sound-card I got in my computer, can someone help me with it? Yours, Matthijs.