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  1. Well, now I also want to try this. I didn't read all the sites but the most of them. So I first will start using the GUI. I want to make a mac osx leopard 10.5.5 disc. My question is are these steps right ? 1. Name the Retail Disc MAC OSX Installer.dmg 2. add the combo update 10.5.5 using the first button (add official apple updates) 3. to boot the system i think i need EFI(dsmos.kext) right? Should I make a pkg from the dsmos.kext and add it using the second button (add your own packages) or using the third button (add packages for DVD boot) ??? 4. click build 5. click make Anyway, I only want to do this, because I need XCODE and I don't know how to install it while i run the system. If someone could help me to extract XCODE from the reail DVD and install it on the system it would be great! THANKS! bye, venorm And as many others said before: Really great work!!!
  2. Hi, i need some information howto create an own installer package. I want do change some files of the official comboupdate 20.5.5 but I don't know how, so I think I need to create an own. I have Iceberg installed. The Package itself is easy. The problem is how can I insert the Resources and Scripts which are in the official update (open with pacifist and look at the resources tab) ? An other point is how can I insert the RunAtStartup script to the project because its modified. Thanks for help. bye, venorm
  3. Need vanilla 9.5.0

    thanks I will get into this tonight. @lastowl i can look for the system.kext in the 10.5.5 comboupdate and you will get a pm from me.
  4. Need vanilla 9.5.0

    Hi everybody, i need the vanilla 9.5.0 kernel. Would be nice if someone can post a download link or extract the mach_kernel from his system,etc. Thank you very much. bye, venorm
  5. Problem with 8600M GT

    Okay i now tested it with adding my device id to the specific kexts from nvkush, but now it hangs at boot screen with an error: "NGFIX: load failure" Don't know what this means ?
  6. Problem with 8600M GT

    Does somebody have an idea ?
  7. Problem with 8600M GT

    Okay i tried with the nvinstaler v5.2 but always the same black screen. the card is a 256mb gf 8600M GT, so i klicked vanilla and laptop in the installer (deleted the normal nvinject.kext) nothing happens black screen. Hope somebody can help me !!! bye, venorm
  8. Problem with 8600M GT

    HeyHo, now after some hard days to get my first pc working, not i am trying to get my notebook - vaio vgn-ar71s - to work. The problem is the graphics card. I used the kalyway 10.5.2 intel amd DVD to install the system. But also at the first boot of the system (after the installation) where the welcome video should comes up, i only get a black screen. I think its because i selected the 8600 GT drives in the setup (but the description says its for mobile cards too) So is there an other solution available, because now it only runs with vesa drivers. Should i trie the newes nvinstaller (5.2) or something else ? Thanks. UPDATE: -nvinstaller v52 does not work - black screen (see next post) -nvkush doesn't work - black screen
  9. Help with Quarz Extreme

    wow great thanks for help. Now it works fine, also with update 10.5.4
  10. Hi, i have the following problem. I installed mac osx with the kalyway 10.5.2 intel amd disc ( i have an intel quadcorec cpu) and all works fine, my gf 8800 gts 512mb runs perfectly with the nvinject tool and also the display is fully recognized. Now i installed the kalyway 10.5.3 comboupdate 1. comboupdate - wait at the end 2. installed the kernel package with 9.3 vanilla 3. clicked restart in step 1 Now after booting mac osx leopard the menue bar at the top has no transparency and the vlc player quits if i try to play a movie. I think its quarz extreme, because when i look into the pc about dialog there is no quarz extreme support for the display, but before it was supported. How can i enable it again ? Thanks for help bye, venorm
  11. used 2 dvds from the bay both does not work (converted dmg to iso under mac and burned on windows with alcohol 120% to a dvd+r dl disc) So would be nice if someone knows a good version of that
  12. hmm, i don't think that my english skills are too bad for reading those instructions, but i think i have a bad disc, because it is a selfmade leopard retail dvd. If you have a good retail dvd iso or something else ready for burning would be nice for contact me via pm. thanks.
  13. okay i forgot it to write. i inserted the mac osx install dvd !!!! but no mac osx install dvd option at step 4, nothing happens. the dvd drive lamp blinks once and nothing more i only see the boot: screen.
  14. It does not work ! Here are my steps: (clean hdd) 1. boot up with the cd 2. at the prompt boot: pressed enter 3. in [xx] there is ef for me. i entered ef and pressed enter 4. i am back in the first screen where i can enter params (at the top or somewhere else is no "Mac OSX Install" text) i pressed enter and now i am back in step 3. So tell me what do I wrong ?
  15. yes ive read it but one thing is unclear. you said that in when i insert the install dvd and press enter it shows the number for dvd drive. Then after install you said it shows now an option for booting from hdd. Does this mean that if have an actual system installed (i have it!) than the boot cd does not show the dvd drive option ?