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  1. ep43 ud3l

    works well with mountain lion
  2. Home Built OSX86 Machine

    is this still for sale
  3. if you use the searchbar or look in the wiki tab you will find what you are looking for http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.0#eVGA it also depends on if you want to run leopard or SL. nvidia DRIVERS should work out of the box as for wireless cards and other add ons look in the wiki. the most important part of the build is the MObo. theres no use buying one if it doesnt work. GIgabyte is also a very trusted brand that is almost 100% compatible out of the box
  4. Connect360 on Snow Leopard

    what worked and how did you fix it i have the same problem
  5. ruger how did you get your menus and about this mac to look like that
  6. R you askin if i am using a mbp 15" the answer to your question is no i am using my hackintosh but if your askin if i want one yes i do
  7. hope my words help you. first question 1 both files meaning the snow magic thing and the bootloader. ok so first you must have a SL disc copy or mounted to your mac desktop. sl= snow leopard just incase you didn't know. aright after you have the install of sl mounted to desktop you must then open up disk utilities. the insert you thumb drive format as the video shows and then restore sl to thumbdrive normally takes half hour the first time. then the 2 files you dled un zip and install to thumbdrive. 1 at a time and all should be fine. the no hacking method is i guess you don't have to mess with your kext and other stuff to much such as if you were to run a hack distro version of sl or leopard. 2. the parts are good that he has. the main piece is the mobo everything else doesn't havve to be exact. for instance my setup is ep45 ud3p, gts250 xfx vid card, 750g and 160g hdd firewire card and intel core 2 quad @2.66 oc'd to 3.2ghz. as most hacks the mobo is the brains and most important. 3. as for wireless im not sure i don't have a wireless cad for my sl hackintosh only my leopard. and finally 4. monitor its up to you size and type wether it be crt or lcd. speakers you can find cheap ones at wally. and keyboard for the install and setup pls gget usb doesn't have to be mac aslong as it is usb to setup then whatev. my specs are mobo : ep45 ud3p pross : intel core 2 quad 2.66ghz vid : xfx gts250 512mb ram : 6gigs at 800mhz patriots hdd wd 750g and 160g does anybody else have problems with garageband i keep getting midi errors when trying to record just software intruments
  8. 10.6.2 Released!

    10.6.2 update went smooth just did it from system upgrade. no need to delete anything everything is working smooth sleep works deep sleep aswell dual monitor works sound and lan. specs ep45 ud3p 6 gig ram 800mhz c2q 2.66ghz gts 250 512mb xfx bluetooth wrks all usbs aswell i followed lifehackers quide and then updated to 10.6.2 via system update
  9. i just wanna say i used life hackers guide and it went perfect or almost perfect on first try the only problem i have is my hack doesn't recognize my dvd drive which sucks. specs q8400 core 2 quad 2.66 2x2 gigs 800mhz patriots ram gonna upgrade to 2x4 1066 sticks 2x 750g WD hdd memorex dvd drive 22x 550 watt psu raidmax similoden case 89.99 with psu on newegg gtx 250 512 card for now qe/ci working and of course ep45 ud3p board everything works out of the box havent really tried optical out but i have dual display working
  10. you must keep the usb thumb drive inserted and still make your 1st boot the flash drive. once you do that it should go on into the part where the backwards progress bar is and also a list of other hdd installed in your hack. after install setup go to lifehackers site and download the magic package and install on your hdd running SL and reboot without flash drive everything should be fine enjoy your new hack. i have a prob my dvd drive is not recognized can anyone help and to the builder dude you should disable one of your lans in your bios
  11. EP45-UD3P Retail Method

    I just wanted to say thanks lifehacker everything went smooth the only problems i have is my hdd's don't show up on my desktop, cd/dvd drive is not recognized at all and my graphics card won't lett me get qe/ci enabled but other than that install went great the easiest one ever.... hackintosh specs are: motherboard ep45 ud3p cpu: q8400 quad core 2.66 ghz vidcard gts 250 512mb hdd 2 750g western digital cd/dvd memorex mem 2x2 gig patriot 800mhz oh and i don't know how to oc any help would be fantastic thanks
  12. ASUS P5KPL-CM problems

    do you have it working yet? ihave the same mobo from what i know onboard video won't work atleast with me so i have geforce 9500gt 512mb card. on firsst boot i used iatkos 10.5.7 boot cpus=1 to get install disc to work then i got to install screen used disk utlil to partition 1 guid then exitted and chose my hdd at the disk install customize i chose 9.7 kernel boot loader doesn't matter then i used azalia audio and other for my setup basic should just be kernel and bootloader but as i said onboard vid won't work so u should get a vid card after that everything should work unless u have a bad distro disk