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  1. Shaska

    Why do torrent download faster in Windows?

    Ive noticed my Transmission speeds on my MBP are WAY better then I ever had in windows regardless of the torrent program.
  2. Shaska

    Windows 7 and Mac Drive

    add myself to the list of people who can't seem to get macdrive 7 to read a HFS drive in windows... Kinda ironic, The software cant even read a drive it formats.
  3. Shaska

    MBP with jumpy audio in Bootcamp

    The issues with the choppy performance are related to a conflict between the audio drivers and the wireless drivers (realtek and broadcom respectfully.) I can say that although hunting down new-er drivers reduces the issue, It does not fix it. As for the echo, Check the realtek audio manager and make sure no environment presets are turned on.
  4. Anyone find any fix for the same issues caused by {censored} realtek drivers like with the old atheros based MBP's? I ask because I would really like to game wireless without massive sound skips and jumps every 2 seconds thanks to my favorite of crappy internal sound chip makers, Realtek. Hardware is the Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz MacBook Pro, Which has the same realtek chipset as before, but now sports the Broadcom BCM series Wireless N cards. Ive noticed the problem in Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64) and now Also in Windows 7 Beta!
  5. Shaska

    COD 4 displays upside down

    best bug ever!
  6. Shaska

    Do Mac's get viruses?

    Agreed with the post above, Its not "if" but really a "when". The real question (also posted above) is how quickly will apple deal with the issue once found. In the meantime though, Enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about anti-virus software. (unless you use Bootcamp or VMware/Paralells ... Then you need some for that side of things. Recommend Kaspersky!)
  7. Shaska

    DO NOT BUY invisible shield

    The Invisible Shields are very good products but fair warning, They are like applying a window tint film to a car, PAIN IN THE A*** to get it perfect. I burned through two of them on my iphone having to peel it back off and re-apply it so many times it got all stretched out. Also, For touchscreen devices I would recommend against it. Has a very rubbery feel to it and totally messes you up when trying to drag and such... I found a cheaper anti-glare screen kit that is much better for the Iphone, Best part is that its a pack of 5, Not just 1...
  8. Shaska

    new macbook pro's coming?

    Im hoping for a MBP with 8800 or 9800 Nvidia graphics... One of those + Bootcamp windows installation = Bye Bye gaming desktop for me!
  9. Alright, I figure that its been a while and its a good time to bump this post back up to look for updates from users with the 4620.. First off, Ive had good luck with the Leo4All ISO's as they have just about every needed driver built in. The only problems I see are CardReader / PC Card Functonality + Ethernet Functionality + and Sound Issues + Webcam issues The card reader and PC card + the ethernet and webcam are completely non functional, But the sound is only partly broken, Speakers work, but if I use any alc268 patches for mic and headphones I will start to see kernal panics on shutdown of system... I plan to try the newer iAtkos release and post results very soon.
  10. Shaska

    Leo4all v3 to 10.5.3

    Kalyway update worked great for me. I had to replace the powermanagement.bundle files to get the battery meter back up but besides that everything works just as it should...
  11. Shaska

    Leo4all v3 to 10.5.3

    Im gearing up to try the kalyway combo update right now. Ill report my results afterwards...
  12. Shaska

    10.5.3 Update Guide

    So for me using this guide on Leo4All it caused the keyboard and trackpad to completely stop working, Also caused some havoc with the battery meter on an acer 4620Z... (with or without kext backup) so for now Im sticking to 10.5.2 till the discs are just updated to install 10.5.3 to start...
  13. Side note: This is exactly where the Leo installers reboot for me too. I'm using a T7700 Core 2 which is just being introduced into the MacBook Pro Line, So I think its perhaps a bug with Old+New CPU's. To everyone else with the reboot problem, I pose this question, Have you tried to boot with the following command "cpus=1" ? Because this Does allow me to boot into the installer CD, But I have yet to try anything else past that because I need to reinstall vista first and shrink the drive...
  14. Actually the G1S-B1 is using a T7700 Core 2, (2.4Ghz) on a 965 based chipset, So its very close to real mac hardware... Actually, Near exactly the same as some MacBook Pros. Some info on the OSX86 wicki states that I could try the cpus=1 boot flag, So Ill see how that goes
  15. So far using the Leo4All disc on an Asus G1S-B1 I get about the same results as a Kalyway disc, Instant reboot when it starts to load OSX (right after it transfers from Disc to Memory) Will keep tinkering around to find out whats up...