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  1. iAtkos ML2 Only Boot In Safe Mode

    UPDATE! Finally figured it out! It was the graphics kexts. Booted into safe mode, deleted all of them that I didn't need and it fired right up perfectly! Everything is now working (except wireless). I am also unable to boot with Chameleon still, but I just overwrote the bootloader with Clover and it works perfect. Google and the forums are definitely your friend in these times! If anyone could use a hand themselves I will be willing to lend what knowledge I have learned on this adventure! Hack on!
  2. Recently installed iAtkos ML2. I had to use Clover Bootloader instead of Chameleon though. Had to use "cpus=1" bootflag to run installer correct. Install went perfect. Upon rebooting, I am presented with either this boot hang or a grey screen with spinning beach ball. If I boot into safe mode though, it runs perfectly (just without sound due to ignored kexts). I have attached a screenshot of the hang in verbose mode. If anyone has ANY ideas it would be very helpful. Would like to have full functionality! Thanks!! Also would like to mention I am running this on a Gateway ZX6961 All-In-One PC.
  3. Okay, well I have gotten one step forward in my attempt to install Leopard on my AMD board. I attempted to install it running it as a virtual machine and it bypassed my still waiting on root device error, and now sometimes it will get to the spinning beachball with the space wallpaper, but the installer still does not want to load up. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. From what I am understanding on here, I think I have to have Mac already installed on my hard drive to edit my .kexts. How would I go about changing the kexts from within XP? Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Make windows XP look like Tiger OS X

    This is my Windows XP Mac Edition! I love how it came out..I am still working on tweaking some of the items to make it more Macish. If anyone has any good ideas for improvement...let me know.
  6. in order to inject the .kexts like it is telling me i have to have mac already installed... Unfortunately I only have one hard drive and there is no jumper on it
  7. Does anyone have a guide on how to rebuild the iso with the kexts? Also if anyone knows where to get them I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. i cant seem to find any of the posts on the chipset for the .kexts which is the route that i want to go any ideas on where they are?
  9. I have looked through my BIOS and I cannot find anyway to disable SATA support. Any Ideas?
  10. Zephiroth Mac OS X 10.5.1 AMD Install Guide

    I am really stuck on this install. I get to the point to boot the DVD and I get the infamous Still waiting on root device error. I have posted a thread on this issue here any help would be appreciated.
  11. I Am having the same problem but I am trying to install Zephiroth's AMD version and I have IDE on my hard drive...I have a post if anyone has any ideas.