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  1. Asus K73E

    I have Asus K73E (with "-BBR7" suffix to be more precise) laptop and have had no luck thus far getting Lion to boot after an install. The thing that is even stranger is that when booting from the iATKOS L2 DVD, there is strangely a 15-20 minute pause before the installer loads up... though this doesn't appear to be the case after the installation completes. But the MAJOR problem is related to the system hanging during boot [after installation]. I will try and get you all some detailed information on this issue within the coming hours but it would be nice if someone who has had success with my system model to post what tools they used and what measures were taken to gain success with this. Thank you.
  2. I don't know if there is a way to play my mp3 songs through all 5.1 channels, though you can do it in Windows. I DO, however, have my 5.1 audio set up properly because I've tested it with movies. However, music is designed to play through stereo speakers, so in Windows I have the option to mix the channels so that I have the affect of surround sound coming through my physical 5.1 speakers. The MAIN reason I want this is so that I can make use of my subwoofer. Thx in advance, guys.
  3. Well it's good to know this B4 going through a bunch of hell, and getting nowhere. Thanks for the reply, though.
  4. Alright, this is my first time attempting to install ANY version of Lion on my AMD-based build and to me it APPEARS that the Install DVD data layout is a bit different, being that I DID attempt to use DP2 instructions to install DP3 but could not find the exact files on my DP3 DVD that they are asking for. I just figured that Apple made some big changes to the installation disk... correct me if I'm wrong. So, PLEASE... ANYBODY.... Help me get started with this. I have my DVD image of DP3 up and ready for instructions. Remember that I am using an AMD-based system, though!
  5. DSMOS has arrived

    Why have I search the entire web and could not find this file??? That is, "NullCPUPowerManagement.kext"? Can you link me to it, or tell me exactly how to attain a copy of it. It'd be GREATLY appreciated.