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  1. I also found out that the webcam works with this kext: http://www.kexts.com/view/548-ricoh_webcam...reuploaded.html Just copy RicohWebcamUSB.kext to /Extra/Extensions, set kext permissions and ownership, and it should work after reboot.
  2. If you guys have problem to make the TZ screen stick to 1366x768 resolution, it is because sometimes the EDID is not properly detected at boot time. I followed these instructions to make it always work at the right screen definition: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;mode=threaded
  3. Try Switchresx : http://www.madrau.com/indexSRX4.html It can configure external displays and sometimes it can pull a miracle in terms of custom configurations.
  4. I managed to make it work!! QE/CI is enabled and output is going to the internal LCD display. I had to combine two solutions: a ) Patch DSDT.aml with DSDTSE, inserting the PNFL device. This solution is mentioned here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=217096 The way to insert the device is: Add the following to your DSDT (under Scope (_SB)…) Device (PNLF) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002")) Name (_CID, "backlight") Name (_UID, 0x0A) Name (_STA, 0x0B) } b ) Install an old version of AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext from this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...199572&st=0 (I didn't need to install the remained kext mentioned in that thread, only the framebuffer).
  5. Hi! I've installed Snow Leopard 10.6.4 on a Vaio TZ (model TZ31VN), using NetbookInstaller. Most of things work "out of the box", but I can't manage to use the internal LCD display, the output is going to the VGA port. This machine has an Intel 945GM graphics. In Snow Leopard it is recognized as GMA 950 and QE/CI is working fine on the VGA display. Does anybody know how to activate the internal display? I found threads with people having similar problems on VAIOs with Nvidia graphics, but I don't find anything regarding the same problem with Intel graphics chips.
  6. Vanilla is the official Apple kernel like in a real Mac. Voodoo is the modified Darwin kernel code provided as open source by Apple and modified by the Voodoo project.
  7. That's a Vodoo kernel, not the patched vanilla kernel.
  8. Thanks acetone for the kexts!! I succeeded to install SL fine now. The boot CD that you've used doesn't work for me, I believe it is because my DVD burner is SATA. I can only use that boot CD if I disable SATA AHCI mode in the BIOS, using IDE mode, but then the SL installation fails. I ended up installing SL directly from inside Leopard, then installing chameleon 2.0 RC3 and the kernel extensions you've provided. No black magic was required Note1: My DVD burner connected to the ICH9R controller instead of the Jmicron, this explains why the CD doesn't work for me. Note2: Attached here you can find an installation tutorial in pdf format and a zip file with the kernel extensions. P5KR.zip snow_leopard_asus_p5kr.pdf
  9. Hi, I got the same board, but I only get a kernel panic when SL starts, Which kernel extension you had to install? For example, are you using dsmos or fakesmc? What about DSDT.aml? Did you need to patch DSDT?
  10. My processor is an Intel Quad Core Q6600 at 2.4Ghz. It seems to be recognized correctly, but not supported. Here is the output: GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Warning] No ACPI p-states in table GenericCPUPowerManagement: [Error] CPU found in table but support is not added yet GenericCPUPowerManagement: Please provide the following info to make it into next update: GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Vendor: Intel [intel® Core2 Quad CPU @ 2.40GHz] GenericCPUPowerManagement: CPU Signature: 6f7 GenericCPUPowerManagement: Mobile: 0 Latency: 0 TjMax: [Fill in] GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_PLATFORM_ID MSR 88448928 00100000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:28(MVID) 06:0 07:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 08-12:09(MFID) 13:0 14:0(N2) 15:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16:0 17:0 18:0 19:0 20:1 21:0 22:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 23:0(N2) 24:0 25:0 26:0 27:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 28:0(MBL) 29:0 30:0 31:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-49:00000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 50:0(MBL) 51:0(PF2) 52:0(PF3) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 53-63:000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_EBL_CR_POWERON MSR 42580000 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 18:0(N2) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 22-26:09(FID) GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_PERF_STS MSR 06000928 09280928 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:28(CVID) 06:0 07:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 08-12:09(CFID) 13:0 14:0(N2) 15:0(DFSB) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16-21:00(mVID) 22:0 23:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 24-28:06(mFID) 29:0 30:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 31:0(XE) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32-37:28(MVID) 38:0 39:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 40-44:09(MFID) 45:0 46:0(N2) 47:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 48-53:28(XVID) 54:0 55:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 56-60:09(XFID) 61:0 62:0(N2) 63:0(DFSB) GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_PERF_CTL MSR 00000928 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 00-05:28(TVID) 06:0 07:0 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 08-12:09(TFID) 13:0 14:0(N2) 15:0(DFSB) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16-31:0000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 32:0(IDA-D) GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_THERM_INTERRUPT MSR 00000000 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: -- MSR_IA32_THERM_STATUS MSR 88260000 00000000 GenericCPUPowerManagement: 16-22:26(DREAD) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 27-30:1(RES) GenericCPUPowerManagement: 31:1(VALID)
  11. can anyone help

    Is your hard drive Sata or IDE? If it is Sata, make sure you set it as AHCI mode in the bios.
  12. Hi there! I'm running Iatkos (v10.5.2) on an Asus P5KR with Vanilla kernel. I'm new to the Mac world so I need some help in debugging a problem I have. I don't know if it is just a coincidence, but since the latest kernel upgrade to 9.2.2 (time machine + airport fixes) my hackintosh already hung two times, showing a message that I need to power off immediately. As far as I understood this message means a kernel panic, right? I look into the log files under /var/log and I cannot find anything related to the crash. Where can I get more information in order to understand what's happening? Is there any trace settings that I can activate in order to collect more info? Thanks to all!