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    Researching computer hardware and low-level system workings in any OS, dabbing in programming, security, anime
  1. Infinite loop (build 8F1099)

    I don't have SSE3, only up to SSE2. I tried all boot options for SSE2-only, and the dvd loads the darwin core and still reboots. Any other suggestions?
  2. (Feel free to delete this or move it if I'm in the wrong section. New here!) I'm trying to run the recent build 8F1099 on my P4 Northwood 2.66 ghz SSE2, i845GE. Given that a little bit of research said that it'd be possible to try this out on said machine, I thought I would give it a shot. My dvd has 3 possible boot modes: SSE2 with NX support, standard SSE2 suppord with no NX, and a mode with SSE3 support. When I tried the boot modes that allowed SSE2 and not SSE3 on the install dvd, the core starts to load, but then the system shuts down and reboots. Is my hardware all wrong or am I missing something? Maybe a bad iso? I'm a bit new at the OSX86 thing, so I'm not exactly up to speed on what I need to do to get this work. I can add more hardware specs if needed, I apologize if this doesn't go here, I figured it fit best. Thanks for any helpers!
  3. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    My Duron 1.8 (not the machine I'm going to try osx86 on) has only SSE and I can use vmware just fine- unless you mean, use it to emulate an SSE2 cpu, in that case is a big fat no.