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  1. Lion on Asus P5B

    i got that when i tried to boot in non ahci mode. i suggest you make normal clean install tho and use latest chameleon or xpc.
  2. Lion on Asus P5B

    look this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256103 , should work with graphics enabler. npci=0x2000 can fix split screen for you during install, after you dont need it. grats on success
  3. Lion on Asus P5B

    official realtek driver, works faster for me. delete realtekRTL81xx.kext before install.. RTGMac_v2.0.6.zip
  4. Lion on Asus P5B

    write lion installation files to the flash disk, then after you started installation connect usb drive if you need. i dont have idea why it does restart for you. you may try to write in chameleon support forum. edit: you can also try xpc bootloader
  5. Lion on Asus P5B

    ok my bios settings are: legacy usb - enabled 64/60 - disabled ehci handoff - enabled mass storage - all auto so if i understand correctly, chameleon boots of flash disk fine, but if you plug your usb hard disk it restarts? and i don't get it why you got nothing to boot, you should have at least internal drive and usb disk, no?
  6. Lion on Asus P5B

    you did something wrong obviously! do you have flash drive of any capacity? or you using usb hard drives? i don't understand. and why do you use old chameleon? get one from kexts.com for example 1331 and make usb stick with it at first.
  7. Lion on Asus P5B

    Re-format your usb drive as in tutorials (be sure its guid not mbr), reinstall new chameleon on it and try again. Should work. (if you mean usb flash disk with lion install on it, not usb hard disk). In bios ahci should be set.
  8. Lion on Asus P5B

    p5b deluxe has different network chip, even 2 chips: Marvell 88E8056 and Marvell 88E8001. found drivers for both of them, check driver for 8056 (marvell 2) first. install with kext utility by dropping.. http://cvad-mac.narod2.ru/ Marvell88E8056.kext.zip skge_0.2f_x64_i386_RonnieD.zip
  9. Lion on Asus P5B

    well i prefer do it myself, if you want instructions ask :-) will be less complicated after
  10. Lion on Asus P5B

    do it! but dont forget to backup importand files on the first disk (if you are going to format drive). i recommend clean install tho
  11. Lion on Asus P5B

    You did nothing and yesterday it just wont boot? then you updated chameleon and it still dont boot as i understand. boot with -v to see messages, make photo and post here. i had problems with snow leopard before it said "unable to take ehci control" or something like this and it just stopped there. tried fixes but no result. sometimes it boot sometimes no :-( the good thing is lion just bypasses this for me and boots fine.
  12. Lion on Asus P5B

    mine is 16 48 too but its better than noisy onboard chip i think. voodoohda configured itself for me. it consisted of 3 files - voodoohda kext, pref pane and settings loader which you need to add to start items. maybe new version differ i dont know.
  13. Lion on Asus P5B

    by the way i dont know what is CCC and how this works :-) i use audigy 2 pci card with kx driver. for onboard audio in leopard i used small thing called azalia which gave only 1 audio out. in sl i used voodoohda .. end of story :-) i recommend micro sdhc card mine with usb adapter "transcend" class 6 works well its small and fast enough (but if you plan to use it to for example to play mp3 in a car with usb port it might not work)
  14. Lion on Asus P5B

    you can boot with that flash drive to any disk.. but if you want you can also install chameleon to second disk. i just thought it would be better not to mess with bootsector on 2 drive. but if you do dont forget to change boot sequence in bios :-) or use f8 for bbs popup menu
  15. Lion on Asus P5B

    thanks for the link to the patcher by MaLdOn :-) already used it, works good. are you talking about snow leopard appstore? i had no problems there at all. (but not updated to 6.8 yet) with chameleon i recommend you to make flash usb disk with it, its easy just use any chameleon installer and point to your usb disk in it. dont forget partition should be hfs+. then try to boot of it to check if its working properly (take some fresh chameleon for example here http://www.kexts.com/cat/2-bootloaders.html , freshest for today is 1227, you most likely wont have any problems (i had with old one 76x)) then, after lion is installed use chameleon installer in lion itself